Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Skipping It

The beginning of the hike.
So, Crafty Wonderland is less than a week away. I have so much to get done before Friday, so what do I do? I go for a hike of course!

It was such a beautiful day yesterday that it was absolutely impossible for me to stay inside. We decided that we should go for a hike at Dog Mountain, instead. Dog Mountain is located on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge. It's about an hour away from our house.

Wild Orchid
It's a short hike, about 6 miles round trip,but it sure does not feel like it. It feels more like 12-15 miles. It's a steep hike, all uphill, and it kicked our ass. Once you're up at the top there is a beautiful view of the Gorge. You can see Mt. Hood and I believe Mt. Adams. It could be St. Helens, but I think that's further up the Gorge. However, I could be wrong. I get my mountains confused...

We were hoping that the wild flowers would be in bloom, and some of them were, but many were just getting ready to bloom. We did see some wild orchids, lots of Oregon Grape, Lupin, some wild sweet peas, and lots of yellow blooms in which I don't know the name of.

Mt. Hood in the background.
Mt. adams. I think.
Going up was a feat and going down wasn't much easier. I fell twice, the second time scratching up my leg and my camera. We also brought lots of water, but we ran out about halfway down, and we were both pretty thirsty. By the time we got down we were both very much ready for a shower and about a gallon of water.
Nate and I and the Gorge in the back.

In the end we both had a great time and we celebrated our conquest with pizza and beers at Dove Vivi  :)

 It's back to business today. I have tons to do! Hope everyone had a great weekend.


LittleCanoe said...

What a great hike! I've never been there, but I've been meaning to. I'll have to time it just right so I can see the wildflowers. Perfect end to a hike is DEFINITELY Dove Viv. YUM!
I've been frantically trying to get ready for Crafty this weekend. Yikes! Time's a tickin'. See you there!

Michele Maule said...

You have to hike it! The view is amazing, even if you do miss the flowers.

I'm trying not to stress about Saturday! eeks! I'll definitely see you there!