Monday, June 18, 2012

Goat are the New Chickens

So, I haven't been blogging much lately because I honestly don't have anything exciting to share with anyone. I've just been working, painting, gardening and running. Not a lot to report on...

However, today something fairly exciting happened. For the past week and half or so Pedalpalooza has been happening in our city. If you're not familiar with Pedalpalooza it's basically a two week even filled with everything bike related. There are many organized bike rides that range from riding naked (being nude is legal in Oregon under certain circumstances), a Ginger Ride (for redheads only), and a Goat Ride.

We went on the goat ride this morning and it was highly entertaining and we learned so much about goats! There were 4 homes that we stopped at to view their goats and what they do with them. Some people have turned their goats into a business. They make soap, milk and cheese. Some people have a goat co-op. There are 6 people who bought into the price of the goats, the feed, the shelter and they share the duties of caring for them. They also make things from goat milk and the proceeds of the products go towards maintaining the goats. another family had just a couple of goats, small goats, who recently had little babies! OMG they are so cute. The hooves alone kill me. anyway, they are smaller, pygmy goats, so those goats don't produce as much milk so they basically have their goats for pets, as well as small batches of milk and yogurt.

Chickens and uban farming have been huge here in Portland for several years now. Two of my neighbors have chickens and there are numerous homes around us who have dug up their front yards and turned them into veggie and fruit gardens. So really, goats had to be the next big thing.
Some interesting facts about goats:
Their pupils are oblong and they use a panoramic view to see.

Dogs do not like goats and they are a constant threat to them. I think Chloe would be terrified of goats, but bigger, tougher dogs want to eat them.

Baby goats develop very quickly. The baby goats in the photos were only born on Saturday! Not even a week old. When they were born they could already walk around and were ready to feed.

Not all goats like to eat grass and sometimes goats with eat grass, but will later stop eating it. I don't know why...

Male goats stink and are mean and generally are not kept in urban farm settings.

 apparently, the pygmy goats are easier to care for than cats or dogs. (I don't know how true that is....)

and they are a very social, smart, animal. You can't have just one goat.
They get lonely and they like human companions too!

Nate and I are not going to be getting a goat. They are cute, and it would be fin to make our own cheese and soap, but our yard is not big enough and I'm pretty sure Chloe would not be happy about it.

However, if any of my neighbors got goats it would make me very happy! :)


Anonymous said...

I agree that goats are the new chickens. I've wanted them for SO long, but no room. For now I'll have to stick with goat envy and enjoy the chickens.

Michele Maule said...

I kinda felt sorry for some of the goats. They seemed like they needed more space and more fresh things to eat.