Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ladybug Party.

Ladybug party.
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aphids are destroying my Lupin. Ugh. They're so bad.

Nate and I went and bought some ladybugs yesterday to help combat them. We released them last night into our garden. They were still there this morning, just hanging out.

By this afternoon I believe there were still a handful left, but most of them had flown away... and the aphids are still eating my Lupin.

So, we still have about 700 ladybugs left. They're living in our fridge, in the crisper. The plan is to spray them with a little bit of sugar water this time. The sugar water glues their wings down. I know it sounds a little morbid, and cruel, but the sugar water wears off in about a week. In the meantime, the ladybugs hang out and lay little ladybug eggs. Soon, you have ladybug babies and a lot less aphids.

I hope it works this next time...
These aphids gotta go.


Britty Luna said...

How awesome! I want a ladybug party! Hope the aphids leave soon! :D

You can keep ladybugs in the crisper? I gotta try this!

Michele Maule said...

You can put them in the crisper! :) I felt weird about it at first, but they just sleep in there. Once you pull them out they start dancing around :)