Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Postcards

I've had little to no motivation to do anything today.

However, I pushed through and finished a second holiday post card. Yay! I've only been working on it for a month or so. I think it was the fact that it's Christmas-y and really I'm not ready for the holidays. I don't think anyone at this point is ready for the holidays. unfortunately, in the world of gift cards, and such things, holiday planning starts in about august. So really, I am far far behind.

Well, they're done!

I think they're pretty cute.

a co-worker gave me the idea of doing holiday post cards vs. a greeting card. First, it saves paper. No envelope to deal with. Second, it saves a little money. You can stick a post card stamp on it and save a few cents :) Brilliant! Thanks co-worker.

Unless, of course, you need to write a lengthy holiday catch up letter, I think post cards are kind of perfect. I never know what to say other than ,

"Merry Christmas! Hope you have a happy new year! -Michele "

So yeah. There you go.


Anonymous said...

These are great! This makes me want some kind of cards from my own neck of the woods (though I WISH I lived in OR)!

Mary Lynn said...

Hang in there....This time of year has its challenges for me, too. Too much hype and not enough that's real...presidential election rhetoric only adds to a season already overfull.
In the midst of all...you are creating some beautiful art. Thanks for sharing some of your process and the mystery of creating.

Michele Maule said...

Thanks ladies.

I've been out enjoying the beautiful sunshine we've been having. Much needed time in the sun. :)