Monday, November 12, 2012


I do believe that Sunday is my favorite day of the week.

Yesterday I really wanted to just spend time with Nate and art. We decided to go to the art museum and have lunch. We checked out the Cindy Sherman show and some of the Greek sculptures the museum is showing this month.

Me + Cindy Sherman
The Cindy Sherman show was great, I just wish there were more. There were 4 pieces total, all of them giant and fantastic. However, I kept feeling like I wanted to be in the same room with about 20.

Nate + Cindy Sherman
The Greek sculpture were great too. Trying to contemplate just how old they were was a little mind blowing.

It really was just what I needed. A day with someone I treasure the most and art.
Rain and beers at Oven and Shaker

We later had lunch at Oven and Shaker and headed home.
I feel like my heart is healing and that is a good thing.

Downtown always makes me happy.
Today Leigh Jackson of Noisy Dog Studio came over so I could show her some collage things and just hang out for a bit. She hung out with Chloe some too, and I'm pretty sure Chloe really enjoyed it. I know I very much liked seeing her.

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