Monday, December 3, 2012

O Hare

I was able to get another illustration finished this weekend.

Made with watercolor, gouache and a lot of little tiny brush strokes I completed this little hare.

As I was finishing it up, I also happened to be listening to This American Life, and a story about The Portland Meat Collective. This collective teaches people how to butcher animals, and also how to kill animals for food.

The founder of the meat collective was sharing a story that I had heard about this past year. Someone, or someones, broke into a man's yard where he was raising rabbits for food. This person, or persons, stole his rabbits to free them. This person was not aware that the rabbits he/she were stealing were also momma rabbits who were caring for 10 day old bunnies.

Sadly, the baby bunnies died from lack of food and warmth that their mother rabbits provided. In freeing the rabbits, thinking they were doing a "good thing" these people unknowingly killed tiny bunnies in the most inhumane way possible. Slow and drawn out.

It was an interesting story about food, meat and how oblivious we are to where and how we get our food. It made me think about my eating habits and the eating habits of the people around me.

Well, I didn't mean to bum anyone out. I just thought it was interesting how this story was told at the very same time I was painting this little hare.

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