Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I like books. It's true.

2012 was the year I promised myself I would read more. I often find I'm too tired or I don't have enough time. So, last year I made more time for it, and I'm so glad I did.

My favorite books from last year had to be The Dog Stars and Blue Nights. Both were poetic and beautifully written. The Dog Stars is about a pilot who is still alive after a blood disease kills most of the earth's population. He lives with his dog, and a crazy guy, in an abandoned hangar. He flies a plane around to find other people and to scope out the terrain. I really enjoyed this book. There were intense moments, and love, and friendship. I loved it.

Blue Nights is written by Joan Didion. I've read several of her books and I've liked them all. This book is about the loss of Joan's daughter. The way she writes about memory floors me. She has a way of making it tangible. You can feel her feelings and relive her most intimate memories through her writing. I love when people open themselves up like that. There's such a connection I felt. I just love her work.

I have a couple of books in my reading queue. One is about a desk, the other is about Pittsburgh, and one is the new Barbara Kingsolver book.

If you have some books you'd like to recommend, I'm open to suggestions!


Heather said...

I like your new blog look! Very clean. The Dog Stars sounds good. I am going to put in on my to read list on GoodReads! So, what type of books do you like? State of Wonder by Anne Patchett was pretty good...

Happy New Year!

Michele Maule said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Heather.

I tend to like post-apocalyptic kind of books. I also like books about complicated relationships. I know that might sound a little strange, but there really isn't a particular genre that I lean to.