Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Some New Things

New Water Tower Painting.
It's been months since I posted some new originals in my shop, but I finally did just that today. There are two new pieces in my shop right now.

Inspired by a Dog Mountain Hike
I was looking through my Flikr page yesterday, trying to come up with a couple of images to draw and paint. I forget how many photos I have over there. I found these two images and I knew I wanted to recreate them with pencil and paint.

While I was looking through those photos I came across a number of pictures that I took while I lived in Michigan. They brought back a lot of memories. This photo in particular reminded me how much I used to love selling on Etsy and getting so many orders everyday.

So many!

 It's hard to believe that I used to send out a stack of orders like that almost everyday! I don't get that many orders in a month these days. I'm okay with though. My wholesale/consignment business has been growing steadily and I feel like it's just going to keep growing. I'm going to surpass the sales I made last year, and the two years before that!

It's hard not to miss those days sometimes. It was such an immediate transaction and it made me feel so validated. I also really loved packing all those orders. Really!

Ah well. I'm going to mention television again because I remember this clip, from The Office, whenever I start to think about "The Good Ol' Days."

 Oh Andy, you really summed that one up nicely.


Jennifer Johansson said...

I too miss the days of consistent Etsy sales! Glad to hear that wholesale is working out for you. I need to move into that market.

I've always admired your work. Cheers!

nikimade said...

I remember when you first opened your Etsy shop. So nice to see your success!