Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Etsy Banner

I had been working on this banner all afternoon. I had finally gotten to a point where I was going to post it on my Etsy page...but every time I tried the image was blurry. It was so frustrating!
So i walked away from it. I was just going to wait until Michael came home so he could help me...but I really wanted to do it myself. So I tried again and this one took all of 20 minutes. Don't you always love it when you step away from something, only to come back to it and it takes much less time? I do. So here it is. I like it.

Aside from that I completed my photoshop tutorials and I am now moving onto Illustrator. I love the instructors for these things. The Photoshop guy sounded like an ultimate nerd, but in a good way. The Illustrator guy makes really corny jokes and likes to mention that he's been using Illustrator since version 3. I secretly want to meet these people.

I am going to be a computer designing genius by the time I start school again in January....

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