Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Crazy Day!

I never want to have a day like today ever again. Ok, it wasn't so bad. I just hate being in my car for more that 2 hours a day. So Chloe woke me up every two hours last night because her tummy troubles came back. I woke up for the last time around 7am. We called a different vet because I think the first one was trying to get me to spend money that I didn't need to spend.
So I went to a new vet. He was nice, and he actually talked and cuddled with her before examining her, which the other vet didn't do. He ran some tests both came up negative. So he ran one more and I'll find out tomorrow or Thursday. Hopefully that will come up with something. Otherwise he's not sure what it is. He suggested I gave her some Pepto Bismol, boy was that fun trying to get her to take that! She had pink paws and a pink mouth.
Before the vets I went to OCC to meet with my counselor. That went well. She said i would be able to skip over a lot of classes because after all I do have a BA.
So after that I had to go to the store to get some chicken and some rice for Chloe. Then came home let her out. Then I packaged up all my orders that need to be sent out. At the same time trying to keep Chloe from chewing on every little thing she could find on the floor. I vacuum and I vacuum, and she still manages to find things... She's been really good with potty training, you just have to watch for her signs...so I had to keep a good eye on her...

Then I took out mt neighbors English bulldog, Lucy. She's 9 and doesn't move to fast. It's funny observing the difference between Chloe and Lucy. They are on totally different ends of the spectrum...

Then I started to prep my new panels for the DDP show, and for the Nectar, in Utah.
Then I went to pick up Mike from school, but first had to stop at Rite Aid for some Pepto Bismol...

I finally got a shower, some food, and now Michael is watching out for her...it really is like having a little baby. Oh, the joy :)

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