Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So we finally found out why Chloe has been having tummy issues.
It turns out that she Girardia!
It's a parasite, nothing to horrible, and it's totally treatable. So, that was good to hear.

Um...I have been working hard on the group show that I will be a part of in December at the DDP gallery in Arkasas, and I have also been working on some pieces for the Nectar Boutique. I am more than half way done on the 20 or so pieces that need to be competed by the end of the week. I love working small. It's so quick and easy.

I am also working on some new pieces for my Etsy shop. I didn't think that I would really be selling all that many paintings and now I am beginning to wonder if I should have done more to prepare myself for the "holiday shopping." I just didn't really think people would be interested in purchasing art for gifts...
I am contemplating turning some of my original paintings into giclee prints. The prints that I had of the Steel Bridge, and the Grain Tower didn't sell to quickly, but I am wondering if some of my more recent work, like the paintings that I had at Stumptown would sell. I still don;t really know how I feel about selling reproductions of my work either. I just feel that my work should be more about the work itself, and not about making money. However, making some money would be pretty awesome right about now.

Ok, it's movie time.

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