Saturday, November 17, 2007

Money, money, money

So right about now I am tired of having no money.
So I am going to do something about it. I am going to go back to school as planed and I am going to work my ass off. I am going to get an internship at a fantastic graphic design firm, and I am going to get a fabulous job at an awesome firm. I might work for myself, but I will see how it goes at first.
I am so tired of worrying about money, and wondering if I'll ever be able to have nice things, and a nice house, and if I will even be able to have children. I really wish that I was able to make enough money off my art, and maybe someday I will, but right now I have to do something that I can earn a real living wage at. I am also so tired of working crummy retail jobs. Even the good retail jobs pretty much suck ass. I mean I worked for a great retail store, New Seasons, and I even hated doing that. Working nights and weekends for 12.00 an hour. I realize I will probably be working long hours as a designer, but at least I don't have to hear about peoples allergies to gluten, or whether or not soy products are really good for you...or of they actually cause Alzheimer's. Or what supplements work and which ones don't. Blah blah blah...what did people do before health food stores?
So that's that.

Plus I really want to be able to afford cute Marc Jacobs clothes and of course a closet full of Citizens. I also want to be able to fit in with my friends more. They all have "real" jobs where they make "real" money and can afford homes, and cars, and designer clothes. I just feel like such a loser sometimes...I know that these are just material possesions, and that there is more to life than having objects, but it's so hard to not feel like a loser when all your friends have careers and you still stuck in the same place you were six years ago, even after graduating from college.

Ok, enough of my whining.

Let's see. I am almost done with the paintings that are going to be in the small works show at DDP gallery, and I am also almost done with the paintings that I am doing for Nectar. I will be shipping them off on Monday and I am hoping that they like the results. I will be posting pictures on here when I get off my lazy butt and plug in my camera to my computer.

We went to this really high end mall tonight. There was a Betsy Johnson store, a Nieman Marcus, a Saks, a Gucci, a Lacoste, a Kate Spade, anyway you get the idea. I wanted to max out my $13,000 Amex card, but didn't. I did find the perfect mug at NM however, and it was only $10.00. I have officially ended my quest for finding the perfect coffee mug and will be posting images of that soon as well.

Ok, it's movie time. Tonight we will be viewing Evening. If I can remember to write a small review of it I will.

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