Thursday, November 22, 2007


Oh..I love holidays. Especially when I am not working retail!!
Oh my god I was so happy not to be working at New Seasons yesterday!! Don't get me wrong, working the day before Thanksgiving at a grocery store can be tons of fun...
Ok, sarcastic undertones aside, it actually can be some fun. It gets so crazy hectic, especially if you're cashiering, that it doesn't really matter anymore. I mean you can really joke around with people and your co-workers. And if you work at New Seasons you get free meals and tons of candy.
But really I am happy that I wasn't there yesterday. The last two Thanksgivings were pretty crazy, and I am glad that I got to just hang out.

We were going to go to my dad's this year but things didn't really work out. Mike has to work tomorrow and he got pretty sick last night. He feels a little better today, but last night he has aches and chills so we opted to stay home. We ended up going to the Kroger last night for some things for dinner today. I was expecting to wait in line for an hour, but we were in and out in 45 min. I guess people don't procrastinate in Michigan.

So we go some turkey thighs and made some potatoes and has some stuffing. You know Thanksgiving stuff. It was nice. This was the first Thanksgiving in several years that I didn't have to go anywhere and it was really nice.

It snowed for the first time this year this morning. Chloe didn't know what to do when she went out. She sniffed around and ran back inside.

So the rest of the day we are just hanging out. We're going to watch a movie later, and eat some pie, and drink some more wine. It's a good Thanksgiving even though we aren't at home.

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