Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hey peeps!
Sorry I haven't posted anything for awhile. I have been really busy with school, shows, and life in general.

My graphic design class eats up most of my time these days, but it's going well.
I am so excited about learning a new profession I can't even tell you. I was afraid that I wasn't really going to like it, but I actually do. It's not like art, but I understand it and I know that it's something that I will be able to fall back on.

My paintings for my upcoming show at Papercuts and Gluesticks are coming right along. I am almost done and will be sending them out on Monday. I am also getting ready for my upcoming show at The Freshpot on Mississippi in April, in Portland. I think I might actually sell out there. I am hoping anyway. I have a plan of attack :)

I better sell some things! I bought my plane tickets to San Diego in March and I am officially broke! But I am glad that I am going. I could use some warm weather and sunshine. My friend from High School is getting married and I am really excited to go to that too. Plus my best friend lives there and we always have a fun time together. Yay! Something to look forward to.

Linda from Abby Creek Art
tagged me for this little questionnaire for Chloe. She answered to the best of her ability, but was half asleep when I asked her the questions... :)

What are your 5 favorite songs?

1) Rock A Bye Baby (from the Canine Lullabies album)
2) Boston University Football song (Because I'm from Boston, I am their mascot and I am also the state dog of Massachusetts)
3) Born in the USA (Because Bostons are the first breed to be bred in the US)
4) Anything by the Clash because Michele said so.
5) All You Need is Love, because I love everyone and everything always seems better when you get a puppy kiss!

What are your 5 favorite toys?

1) My rope! I know that one by name!
2) My hedgehog. Until I officially killed it yesterday.
3) My kong when it's filled with treats.
4) My stuffed sushi.
5) My stuffed pink poodle. I like to shake it around really good.

What are your 5 favorite things to eat?

1) Bully sticks
2) Cheese
3) Yogurt
4) I'm crazy for bananas
5) Peanut Butter

What are your 5 favorite activites?

1) Playing! I could play all day and all night.
2) Playing with my neighbor dachshund pal Georgia.
3) Putting anything and everything I can find in my mouth.
4) Taking naps in the sun with my tongue hanging out of my mouth.
5) Generally anything that drives Michele crazy.

What are your 5 bad habits?

1) See #3 and #5 above.
2) Snoring! Loudly.
3) I tend to have really stinky farts sometimes.
4) I bark when loud things wake me up.
5) I really LOVE people and when I see or meet a new person I get really really excited and what to kiss and love them so much it kinda scares them.

So that's that. I am going to tag Angie (because I miss Amos and she hasn't written a blog FOREVER!) and Janice! :)

Alright. That's all for me. Hopefully I won't be a slacker the rest of the week and write some more.


Abby Creek Art said...

Michele...I LOVE that chair painting! Are any of your paintings for the show going to be available online?

And thanks for playing the meme game. Chloe had some very good answers. I'm so impressed with that little vixen!

angie said...

i love your typewriter pic! soooo coooool!

Anonymous said...

This is the best survey ever. And Chloe is quite a looker!

Megan Chapman said...

The new work is awesome!
The top piece with the two chairs- that is so lovely.
Good luck with your show, I think it will be a good one- wish I could see it in person.