Thursday, February 7, 2008

I Should be Working

I just want to veg out today.
Chloe is taking a nap under my chair and I want to join her, but I can't.
I need to get homework and painting done.

I have been seriously contemplating making prints of my work and selling them on Etsy. I've done it for my more expensive paintings, and they do seem to sell well. It's just a matter of how I really feel about it. I think one of the great things about my work is that it's original, and if I start making prints, they won't be as unique. On the other hand, I think they would sell really well, and with no job prospects in view, it might not be a bad idea.

Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions about this?
It's something that I have really been putting serious thought into.

We got 5 inches of snow last night. I think I might just becoming a pro at driving in it.
Seriously no roads were plowed last night or this morning. I absolutely hate driving in snow. Ahhh only a few more months. I can't wait until I visit San Diego in March.


K. Trinks said...

I'd like to comment on this. While I agree that it is nice to keep your work original and limited in production, the prints would likely make great sales. Think of it this way: starbucks is trying to beef up revenue by reducing the price of their short coffee to $1 (from $1.50), that way people can still get the great taste (I know taste is subjective, but california really likes the starbucks) of starbucks and be able to afford it. They key thing point is-starbucks will still get your monies, no matter how many (grande latte?) or little (short coffee) monies you may have.

Now, if we evaluate etsy, and the range of prices of cool stuff that I find on there, such as $25 hand sewn bags/purses, I would be very inclined to purchase a print or two instead of the OG artwork that is out of my price range. I would drool over the original piece, however I would be saitsifed with a print...that is until I make millions and I can buy all of your prints and have you design an office and home for me, etc....I'm getting off track...hence your clients that could only purchase the print would be inclined in the future to possibly make a higher priced purchase. Kapeesh?

Either way, selling prints sounds like the way to go. I hope I read your post right I don't know artsy lingo like you do, however I think we are on the same page with my points and what you are considering.

Over and out,
-Kimberlei Trinkel

K. Trinks said...

PS-It is sunny here. What is all of that white sutff in your photos?

Megan Chapman said...

It is a dilemma...
a conundrum...
hard to know...

Sorry I can't be more direct.
I don't sell prints of my work at this point. I did when I was just starting out and only a few selections of only one body of work. They were little 5x5 prints (so they weren't anywhere near the size of the 10x10" and 20x20" paintings they were prints of.) They were 20bucks a piece and they weren't numbered or anything. I can't say that there won't ever be prints of my work again.. but that is not part of my immediate plan...but things do change.

Your work would do quite well as prints. However, your original work is quite affordable now. Would your prints devalue your originals? All things to think about...Not a easy choice, but don't worry too much about it...Good Luck!

Janice La Verne said...

hmmnn... I'm ok with selling "prints" as long as people understand what they are. As a printmaker (and you are one too, right?) we toil over wiping plates and making original art and folks think that offset print reproduction is the same. I have this icky anger when I go to an art fair and see reproductions selling for the same or more as hand pulled prints.

From what I see on Etsy artists seem really good about making sure the print is described as a reproduction of original art. And as long as that happens I'm ok with it. And... I think making some money is a good idea because then you won't get stressed and can enjoy making art more!

and thank you for the great comment on my blog. i'm sure glad i landed in the life i did.

what are the great buildings in all the snow??

with two dogs in my bed and oscar the cat with many toes on my lap i wish you a good evening... Janice

Michele Maule said...

That's a picture of the apartment building I live in Janice :)One is from the front and the other from the back. There is this really weird kinda creepy gazebo in the very back. I'll try to get some pictures of it for my blog soon.

Anna Laura said...


I think I am having exactly the same thought pattern as you! Now I'm trying to save up to get a decent printer so I can do it myself, but it is such a big investment. I also have to think about the pricing structure, it is ALL so difficult. Anyway it was nice to read your post to see someone else is thinking about this as well.

PS your art is really really beautiful!