Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not So Lazy Sunday!


So I got in like 6 orders this weekend and I want to get them out tomorrow. That meant spending the whole afternoon getting them ready to ship.

But it's all done and Chloe helped too.

Today as I was packing up all of my customers goodies I was thinking about where I was a year ago. I was working at my crummy job and wishing that I was doing what I am today. Don't get me wrong. New Seasons was a great place to work. That is if you liked working retail. It was the best retail job I ever had, but I still wasn't happy.

I think that from the time I was about 23 or 24 I wished that I could make art for a living. I always dreamed about living in a little studio apartment and walking to get my daily latte at a little coffee place and then riding my bike to my studio...ah...what a wonderful vision :)

Well, at least part of that is true. I am making art everyday. Maybe I am not riding my bike to my studio, or getting a latte beforehand, but I am making art! And it's actually paying bills!!
I never in my life would have ever believed that I could actually make a living at this. I mean, I always thought it was so unrealistic. But now it's happening and it's pretty *expletive* amazing :) Ha!

Anyway, I thought I would mention that my friend Sarah started an Etsy shop and you should definitely check out her work. We went to school together and were roomates for a short time a few years ago :) She's a wonderful person and a fantastic artist! I posted some of her work on this blog too.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.


angie said...

omg. i really love the 1 to 8 painting that your friend sarah painted. looooove it...i wish i had 175 right now...i would put that painting in specks room...

man oh man. where can i get that much moolah!

Megan Chapman said...

Congratulations! Isn't it great?
You deserve all your success. Your work is amazing- I am so proud to own one of your paintings!