Friday, February 29, 2008

Two in One Day!

Holy cow!
I just got lost in the time suck also known as Etsy.
Seriously. Three hours of looking, wishing, and checking in on my shop.

Wow. Oh well, I had fun and saw some cool stuff.

Here is me and K. Trinks!
11 days until SoCal!
I cannot wait. Cupcakes, warm weather, the KH wedding!
Oh so exciting...

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Janice La Verne said...

I have a p'land friend who has two sister doggies, half boston and half french bulldog. I was reminded of them when I saw Chloe's harness. I have never laughed harder at dog antics than when those two were 6 months old, rolling all over hanging onto each other, grunting and barking and creating general mayhem. Monty, the greyhound was terrifed of them and hid his head in a corner and refused to turn around.

Thanks for the photo advice and for reading my blog! I am so happy for you that your trip is soon to happen!