Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ahhhh Sunday

So we went out this afternoon!

It is so amazing to me how much the economy sucks here, and yet, there are really awesome stores. We went to H&M today. I've been waiting to go since we moved here and we drove past it. It was ok. It's more like a Forever 21, but for more "sophisticated" crowd. Think Forever 21 meets hipster/business types.

I got 3 new t-shirts and a new hoodie for $50 buck. I know, I told K.Trinkets that I wouldn't go shopping before I go to SD, but they don't have a H&M there...and I could use some 8 dollar t-shirts. At the same mall they also have a Neiman Marcus Last Call and a Saks Rack. Sweet!

I got almost all my homework done...and I got some paintings finished.

Good day.
Now I got to get some orders together, and I'll be all done.

I think I am spending way to much time on the computer. Today, as I was painting, I made a little mistake, and my first response was to hit control Z. Haha. Yeah...

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UniqueNurseGranny said...

Interesting post.Shopping trip sounds fun.Those paintings are lovely.Two posts in one day is remarkable.