Friday, March 21, 2008

Mmm...Easter Candy

I love Easter because in my opinion it has the best candy...I am currently munching on Cadbury Mini Eggs. The chocolate egg candy with the thin crunchy sugary shell. These are my favorite.

So my throat is feeling better. It's the Virattack I think. I do want to try that tincture Kick Ass that Linda suggested. That stuff sounds awesome! If it still hurts on Monday I will for sure go to the doctor, it's just that I don't have health insurance and I really can't afford any more medical bills...but I feel fine and I think it's going away :) Thanks for all your concern.

I finally got all caught up on my orders!

I started posting some illustrations in my Etsy shop. I am really excited about them. I think they look great and I am really enjoying making them. It just feels so good to draw. The whole process of mark making has made my day.

If you haven't stumbled upon Indie Pretty Perfect Blog lately I suggest you do. There is an interview with me! You can find out all about my secrets and some juicy gossip...well...not really but it sounds good.

It's Friday! That means I will be catching up on my Lost and my Survivor! Oh, and drinking a healthy amount of beer. I love Friday!


donimo said...

I just saw your work on Indie, Pretty, Perfect and am now a very big fan. I'm looking forward to scanning back through your blog and your Etsy site to see more of your work. I think your pretty frickin' talented.

Kerry said...

Oh yes...the mini eggs...they are like crack for me.
I would steal them from a toddler.

mosey handmade said...

um.yes.cadbury eggs are the best,sweetest,and most special!
happy spring equinox.

Heather Buchanan said...

Have you tried the popping mini eggs? They're amaaaaazing.

Those typewriters are so perfectly cute!

Nora said...

I love those candies too! Especially the crunchy outside! Beautiful illustrations!

Art Kitten said...

Ok, sorry for being a mom about your sore throat :) I am glad you are feeling better, and of course your new illustrations are so drool worthy! Oh, and I can't go an Easter without a Cadbury Egg, but it has to be the big, ooey gooey one, god I love those!

Michelle C. Moode said...

loved your indie/pretty/perfect interview! hope it's getting springy in michigan. :)

Anonymous said...
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