Thursday, March 6, 2008

Papercuts and Gluesticks!

I am part of a part of a group show
Papercuts and Gluesticks Gallery in Rocky River, Ohip last month and part of this month, and I wanted to post some pictures of it. Kari, the owner is a lovely person and both she and her husband spent many long hours getting this space fixed up and ready as a gallery.

They did a beautiful job. I really would like to visit sometime soon. From the pictures it just looks beautiful, and I am sure it is in person as well.

The show looks amazing as well. All of the artists that are in it are amazing. I am so proud and happy to have art hanging in the same space as Michelle Moode, Rachel Austin, Danita, and the list goes on...go visit her blog! PapercutsandGluesticks.

You can contact her here:
20119 Lake Road
Rocky River, OH 44116
Telephone: 440.799.4344

So if you're in the Rocky River, Ohio area stop in and take a peek!

on a side note...we woke up this morning to discover that Chloe has developed cherry eye in both her eyes. I guess it doesn't hurt, but she will need surgery. Unfortunately it's very costly and we aren't really sure how we can afford it...but if you would like to donate to her fund I added a little donate button on my page up at the top. We don't know how much it's going to cost exactly, but I don't think it's going to be cheap.

Anyway, it's almost Friday!
So happy Thursday!!


angie said...

what causes the cherry eye balls?

Michele Maule said...

It has something to do with her third eyelid, tear ducts, and torn ligaments. So they have to go in and fix it. I guess you can apply a topical ointment, but chances are that it is just going to keep coming back, so it's better to just go ahead and have the surgery.

Art Kitten said...

Oh I am so sorry about Chloe's eyes, poor little puppy!

Michele Maule said...

awww thanks!
She'll be ok.
I hope it just magically goes away...

Abby Creek Art said...

Looks like a great gallery...good luck with the show!

Hope Miss Chloe's little eyes are ok. Maisie would like to kiss them and make them feel all better.:)