Friday, March 7, 2008

Almost Ready...

I have been working and working and working some more and I am almost ready to reveal all my new paintings!!!

I have 9 new ones for my Fresh Pot show, and I have 5 news for my Etsy shop!!

That's 14 new paintings!!

Exclamation marks!!!!!!

I don't have an exact day of the reveal, but I am thinking that it is either going to be Sunday, or Monday. So check back.

Oh! Only four days until V A C A T I O N!
Here is a picture of Trinks and I at Disneyland last year.
No Disneyland this time...but that's ok.

Chloe is doing better. Thanks everyone for all the support!
It's been greatly appreciated.

All right. I have a take home test that needs to be done.
Happy Friday!!!
Exclamation marks!!!


K. Trinks said...

I think the KH wedding will be cooler than disneyland, so I am not sad :)

Michele Maule said...

I totally agree.

Art Kitten said...

looking forward to seeing your new items.

Janice La Verne said...

michele... so sorry about Chloe's eyes. It is so hard when these things happen to our sweet 4-footed ones. Today we took Simon to the groomer and when G. picked him up he was limping and now he wails when he moves. Vet tomorrow. Something is wrong with his little leg. His appetite is quite intact. I have been consoling him and myself with multiple treats.

you are almost in San Diego! yipee! and I can't wait to see the new paintings.