Saturday, March 8, 2008

Three Days!

Three days until I escape from the cold frozen tundra that is Detroit, Michigan!

I am so excited. I am excited to see sun, to feel warm air, to breath in the ocean, and most importantly I am excited to see my best friend. Oh! and to attend the KH wedding of course!

I am so excited to see K. Trinks. She's the best, and I am so proud of her!
Go k!!

We've been friends since middle school and I was remembering today how we had this obsession with punk, and the movie Sid and Nancy. I had my parents convinced that we were using drugs. But we just liked to watch it because of the clothes they wore. We never even smoked pot together.

Anyway, I am really excited about seeing her and San Diego soon. I can't believe I leave in a few days...I was going to post some pictures, but blogger is acting weird, so maybe later. I think I might be able to post some pictures of my new work tomorrow, so be sure to check back. I am excited.

Chloe graduated from puppy class today! It was kinda sad because none of the other owners showed up, so it was just little Chloe. She didn't seem to mind too much. She didn't throw up at all! That was really exciting for us.

Anyway, tonight is daylight savings. Spring forward! I hate springing forward. Falling back is much nicer.


Kreated by Kelly said...

Indeed!! Falling back IS much nicer! I'm happy to have found your blog. I'm not blogging tonight since blogger keeps eating my stuff *smiles* Have a great night!!!!

Janice La Verne said...

thanks for the kind support about Simon, I put an update on my blog... he is still at the emergency vets... still not sure what is wrong.

I have a best friend too... 27 years now. I can tell her anything. I am so glad you have one too.


Abby Creek Art said...

How fun! I was just in San Diego last November and it's so beautiful. The warmth will make you feel betta! Have a great time, Michele.

Congrats to the little graduate. Chloe gets a gold star.:)