Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I am wearing shorts.

I think I am going to go the store later and buy some hot pink pearly nail polish and paint my toe nails tonight too.

Chloe is home. She is doing really well. Poor baby has staples on her little belly, and she has been sleeping most of the day. When we went to go pick her up from the vets this morning, she leaped out of the vet technicians hand and into my arms :) I think she missed us.

Ahhh warm weather always makes me want to go dancing so I can shake my booty :)

I got more work done today. I gessoed more panels, but it looks like they are cracking, so it's back to sanding, gluing, and more gesso. Someday I'll get the hang of this.

I bought some wonder under today so that I can make some appliqués. I don't know when exactly I expect to make said appliqués, I seem to keep piling things onto my plate...but when I do make some I'll post them, of course.

Cleaned the house and my studio today! I even vacuumed the studio floor! Amazing! :)

Alright Etsy and promoting await.


Megan Chapman said...

Glad Chloe is home and doing well.
I am sure she missed you.

Love this new work!

Sounds like things are going well and that you are being very, very, productive- I feel lazy! : )

Enjoy the weather.

Abby Creek Art said...

Really cool new painting, Michele.

Glad Chloe is back home and feeling better. Poor little girl! Give her tum tum a kissie for me. xo


Lovely painting!

MB Shaw said...

One of your lurkers saying these new pieces. And yes, it was warm here in MO today too; I let my toes out!

Sweetie said...

I know just how you feel about the warm weather :) Can't wait to see what else is on your blog!


Persimmons Gal said...

Love your work and your totally random blog posts!!

Emiko said...

I just found your work on Etsy. It's really amazing, but I especially love the work on your website. Beautiful to behold! So.....just saying Hi!

angie said...

awww. i am glad chloe is home!

annnnnd i am happy to see so many new posts since i last checked in here! sorry i am a slaccccker. you have been awesomely productive...

last week i hung paintings and pics up in the new house....i love having bits of you around!

Art Kitten said...

poor Chloe, I am glad she is home, though.

It was absolutely gorgeous yesterday in Wisco too, I was in a cranky mood, but I tried to enjoy it.

Diana said...

I hope your Chloe heals quickly, poor baby. I'm glad to know she's home.

This latest painting... I don't know. It took my breath away. Incredible. I wish I could own it!!! It's love at first sight over here.

I love reading your blog. It always feels like talking with a friend. A super talented, prolific wunderkind of a friend.

ThePeachTree said...

I'm a dress kind of gal but you've SO inspired me to pick up a pair of shorts :)