Friday, April 18, 2008

I Love Jeremy

Thank you Jeremy.

Jeremy sent us Stumptown coffee, and I am drinking it right now.

If home ever had a taste, this is it.

I got it yesterday...and took a picture for him. I am such a nerd, but that's ok, he already knows this.

Did I also mention that Jeremy is the guy who hung my show for me at the Fresh Pot this month?
Yes, he's awesome. :)

I have to admit, that living with Jeremy wasn't always the best of times. He really knew how to get on my nerves...but I miss him...and I never thought I would ever say that.

I'm kidding!

Anyway...yesterday was great! It was better than great. I had three orders, and I sold a painting at the Fresh Pot. I will have more than enough money for New York now! Yay!!
I can also pay my bills this month, which is a huge weight off my shoulders.

I was also in 6, yes 6, treasuries yesterday! Holla!

I also went to this awesome rummage sale at the church down the street, and got some very cool books. They are mostly old science and math books, but I got some old French literature books, and some old children's books. I even found the Richard Scary picture encyclopedia that I had when I was younger...I love it. Apparently Chloe likes it too.

Also, Susan over at Art Kitten's Art shop, gave my blog an E for Excellent!
Yay! So I am going to pass it on to Linda at Abby Creek Art :)

Alright. I have been developing this OCD habit of only having even numbers in my shop...and I want to post an new illustration in it today. But I only have one, so that means I have to make another one, so I will have an even 20 items in my shop...

ps. I am so going dancing tonight.

pps. The Cranbrook thesis show is tonight.


Victoria said...

Congrats on good coffee, treasuries, sales, New York, the Excellent award and the Richard Scary encyclopedia! (I still have my childhood copy, well worn with love!)

Christopher And Tia said...

Reading your blog makes me feel so at home. We used to live accross from the stumptown on Belmont. We'd either get coffee from there, or Zupans every morning. *sigh*. I HATE Texas.

Abby Creek Art said...

Well imagine my surprise! You are such a sweetie...thanks for the award, Miss Michele.

I am so jonesin' to go to that Cranbrook show with you!

Janice La Verne said...

hi michele, i like the happy coffee photo of you! and I really like the painting of the woman. i like her shape. it reminds me of a pattern and yet it is very expressive. i love how parts are transparent yet the overall feeling is solid. good good. (sorry about my description, it might not make sense)

thread en route, oregon is cloudy and cool,

i love Chloe licking the book...


Anonymous said...

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Michele Maule said...


My ex boyfriend, and my current boyfriend both lived on Belmont! :) That was an interesting time...ha!

Anyway, I practically lived on Belmont too. Many, many, nights were spent at the Vern :) I think one summer it was my second home...

My friend Wendy works at that I would go in and get $1 lattes. Mmmm.....THE best...

Art Kitten said...

great post, once again, Michelle! You look so happy with your coffee!