Monday, April 21, 2008

Glasses are Hott

I got new glasses this weekend.

They are awesome. I also got sunglasses. I have wanted a pair of prescription sunglasses don't know...5 years....and I now have a pair.

Funny story about how I started wearing glasses.

When I was young, maybe 7 or 8, I thought glasses were really cool, and I wanted a pair. I even went as far as asking my parents, at this age, for an eye exam. I passed it, but I was determined to wear glasses.

I don't know why I wanted to wear glasses. I just thought they were really cool. I think a part of me wanted people to think I was really smart. Sure, I wanted people to think I was pretty, or cute, but if I just had a pair of glasses people would think that I was really smart. Right? I mean, all the smart girls on t.v. wore glasses...

So, I think in the third grade they started having yearly eye exams in classrooms. I passed every year...until the fifth grade. I still really wanted a pair of glasses by this time, and I had been passing the eye exams with what seemed like flying colors. How was I ever going to get to wear glasses if my eyes were fine?

So, I did what every reasonable kid in my shoes would do when they really want something they can't have...I lied. Just a little! I told the eye exam lady that I couldn't really see a couple of letters...yeah. :)

But!! I went to a real eye doctor...after the school eye exam, and he did an exam, and I actually did kinda need to wear glasses.

So I got my glasses. I loved them...and I still love them. And as the years went by my eye sight got worse worse, and now I can't see 2 feet past my nose.

My mom and or step dad are going to read this and:

a) will think it's really funny

b) be really mad at me.

Either way I think I am going to get a phone call later....

So I had a great weekend.

I tried to stay away from the computer and working...
It's funny that when you work for yourself, at home, you forget that you can take a day off.
So I tried...

I also got two awesome things in the mail!
Friday I received two piece from Megan Chapman!
She holds a contest every few weeks, on her blog, and you can win original art from her :)
You should check it out. I think she is having a little give away right now!
So check it out. Plus she writes great blogs, with wonderful advice and perspectives, on being an artist.

Then on Saturday I received some very tasty coffee from BrainScan coffee, which can be bought on Etsy! It is really good...really good.
Between her coffee, and the Stumptown coffee...I am set!

Alright. This is a long post, but I guess I had a little catching up to do. :)
Have a good Monday.


Sarah said...

Love your shades and glasses! I share in your incessant need for glasses as a young thing! Now I have funky glasses - these things really do manifest themselves is our lives!

Megan Chapman said...

Great new glasses! Those shades are really HOT!
Glad you enjoyed the art!
Good for you on taking a day off- it is harder than you'd think. I think we work more than we realize a lot of the time too.
Have a great week!

Art Kitten said...

Don't you look cute in those glasses! I felt the same way about glasses, but when I had to finally get them, I hated wearing them and now just wear contacts!

angie said...

those glasses are hot!

i like em!!!

i am so excited about you coming in august! you are totally welcome to stay here too...speck will be here and will need auntie mieshy lovins! (ha! i am already doing the bebe talk...bah. whatever.) you are now dubbed auntie mieshy! anyhow, i will also plan on hangin with ya alot! i will be on maternity leave! woot!

your hair is getting long!

angie said...

ps. i just just realized that i will be able to have a beer with you in august! wheeeee! (that just made my day!)

Michele Maule said...

Awwww Auntie Mieshy!!
I love it!
Everyone use to call me Meesh Meesh in middle school, so it's perfect!

Yay!! beer with Angie!!

I can't wait to see you guys, and little Speck. I hope it's a girl, and I hope she's born on my birthday :)

Banana-head Pancake said...

that's amazing. I too wanted glasses so badly until high school when I actually needed them and was so pissed.
Now I kind of enjoy them, but I mix it up with contacts to incorporate the best of both worlds.

Side note: I looooove your typewriter illustrations/art creations. I discovered them on Etsy two days ago so I was delighted to find your blog randomly this morning!

:) lauren