Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So I was sitting here enjoying my ice cold Diet Coke trying to think of something to blog about and I realized that I forgot to blog about the MFA thesis show that just opened.

It opened on Friday, and everyone who is anyone in the Detroit art scene was there. We even saw some chauffeured Bentleys. Yeah.

Anyway, it was pretty cool. All the work I liked the most I had a hard time photographing...but I did get some pictures that were good.

Also, I am not an art critic, so please excuse the over use of the word cool :)
Describing art is not my strong point.

Some of my favorite artists that I didn't capture are:
Amber Devon Kempthorn
Lourdes Fernandez (AKA Luly)
Tatiana Flis

(I didn't see any individual websites, so I used the Cranbrook Website. If you scroll down you can see some of their work)

Mike Ellyson had this little holy dogs stand, where he sold resin hot dogs for ten bucks while listening to a large boom box. That was cool.

Robert Raphael laid in a bed of feathers the whole evening. I noticed people coming up and trying to talk to him. One guy spent a lot of time on the floor trying to get him to laugh or talk...

My neighbor Kim Faler
did this really cool piece where she mounted the undercarriage of a car in the wall. I thought that was pretty amazing. :)

There was a tree house thing that someone in architecture did. These little kids were daring each other to go up into it...I don't think I would have gone...

Um...oh and then there was this crazy plastic wrapped piece that someone did. Sorry I don't have the names of these artists. There weren't any names or anything indicating who did them.

I was a lot of fun. There were a ton of people, and the museum was a little crowded, but I am glad that there was such a great turn out.

This is my last week of school, and things have been a little busy, but I am hoping that by tomorrow afternoon I will be getting back to to work and posting some new things in my Etsy shop!


Victoria said...

What an awesome show! I am so impressed with where peoples minds will take them. How wonderful to have a place where it can all come together and be shared.

Art Kitten said...

What a great show! I love MFA shows because people are so experimental. More experimental than I dare to be, but wish I was!