Wednesday, April 23, 2008

150 Posts!


This is my 150th post.

So it is a beautiful day today. I decided to wash sheets and hang them up to dry outside. This is one of my favorite things. Fresh clean sheets hung up to dry outside. Heaven.

I got an awesome package from Janice yesterday! All of these beautiful threads, and a gocco print, a thimble, and a small pair of scissors. I love getting mail! Especially mail with art, thread, and little things. Thanks Janice! :)

My last two special orders are almost done. I feel like I have been working on them forever. I always feel bad about special orders. They always seem to take me so much longer than everything else. Thankfully the people they are for are totally understanding about this. :) Thanks!

So Michael is in New York for a big field trip until Sunday night. He's visiting studios, having meetings, and visiting galleries. So I am all on my own the next few days. I thought that I would be a wreck, but it's kinda nice so far. It's like when I lived by myself...the location just isn't as cool. So yeah. It's good.

We'll see how I am doing by Friday :)

ps. I had my last class of Graphic Design 1100 today!
I am so very happy about that.



Congrats on the final class, and the thread score!

kristinimartini said...

hi! i'm one of janice's art friends from seattle. i looove getting things from her in the mail! i scored a bunch of vintage stationary from her recently. i was there for the inaugural gocco printing fest. it was so much fun and very satisfying to make a pile of prints so quickly.
good luck during your last week of class!

Janice La Verne said...

hi michele, glad the thread got there! i love sending things on to be used by others. it was so fun to see the photos!

congrats on your 150 posts. your blog inspired me to do mine, and your writing helps me get in the studio and work. you were right from the beginning, it's about connection.

grin, grin, grin,

tomorrow we are off to the coast, hooray. Yachats fills me up.


Abby Creek Art said...

I's great to get a treat like that in the mail! Makes the day.

That first photo is a very cool still life.

angie said...

i know this is random...but i want a gocco sooooo badly.