Thursday, April 10, 2008


I hate coming up with original blog titles.

Lots and lots of work done today.

I collaged my little heart out and made a big mess.

Busy, busy, busy....

My panels are behaving themselves quite nicely too. No warping, cracking, or bubbling!
This is going to be good.

We started re-watching Twin Peaks last night. I watched the whole series about 8 years's a pretty brilliant show.

I am thinking about making a short video on parts of my process. I don't know though. It might be kinda boring, but maybe some people would like it.

I had to throw the last cupcake away. The frosting was all melty, and it was soggy. :( I have no sugar in the apartment, and no car to go get more sugar...I have a true addiction.

Anyhow. I have pressing matters to attend to today. Ok, not really, I just wanted to sound important.

Hope everyone is having a good Thursday. I enjoy Thursdays.


Art Kitten said...

I am glad our boards are cooperating :) I know what you mean about the sugar addiction! I had to make a cherry pie yesterday to give me my fix, and now it is gone... and there is nothing else...

K. Trinks said...

you sound more and more like martha stewart every day. and i like that. MISS YOU TIMES ONE HUNDRED!

Diana said...

Thursdays have always been great days for me, too. And, oh yeah, I totally hear you on the sugar addiction.

Years ago, my boyfriend (at the time) and I watched the entire Twin Peaks series, including original premiere episode, in one week's time. I had never seen the whole thing through; never seen the final episode. The last grueling day, we bought cupcakes and cigars to finish it off.

I can recall how intense and sick and shocking and stomach churning the whole thing was, even now. I wouldn't have changed it for anything.

Did you buy the new gold edition dvd (something like that)? Oh, if I had expendable income again, it would so be mine...

I have some old Twin Peaks stuff around here somewhere. I'll have to dig it out and see if you want it.


P.S. Congrats on all the productivity!!! A messy workspace just means you're getting things accomplished.

Janice La Verne said...

i would love to see a video on your process. it would be fun if a bunch of us made them and we could all see how we do what we do.

I'm curious about your surfaces and your handmade gesso, how it came about and why you like it.

this thursday is friday for me and i have 4 days off! can't wait to do a bunch of studio organizing.

with a cat in my lap and two dogs on the bed, have a good eve, janice