Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Remember to Take Breaks

I think I qualify to be a work-a-holic.

I can't seem to stop. I need to stop. But I can't. Does anyone else have this problem? Last night I was freaking out because my little Etsy shop is looking bare, and I only have three illustrations doe before I leave. Michael had to remind me that I just finished three paintings for this upcoming show, and that it was going to be ok. It was going to be ok because there is no one but me telling myself that I HAVE to have more things....

I wish I could be less hard on myself. I wish I could feel like it's ok to take a break. To just walk away.

Well, it's a good thing I am leaving for New York tomorrow. My gouache, paint brushes, panels, oil paint, gesso, and butcher tray are all staying home....

I leave for a week, starting tomorrow. I am going to take tons of photos, visit museums, sit in parks, sketch, people watch, visit art supply stores, drink lots of coffee, take everything in and explore.

I am really looking forward to this...

These are the three paintings that I recently did for the Fact and Fancy Gallery.
The red one is my favorite. Expect more red typewriters :)

In case you happen to live in New York and would like to go to the opening, the address is:

75 Hoyt Street
Brooklyn, NY


Diana said...

When the mood calls you, you have to listen. If you are one of those people absolutely driven to create, then good on ya! the world needs more beauty, lots of it. Just remember to take care of you. I'm so glad you're leaving for a break. I hope you have a wonderful time. Be safe and be well. I'll look forward to hearing all about it when you get the chance.

Knitty Dirty Girl said...

I'm a total make-a-holic haha

Megan Chapman said...

I have been wrestling with this whole work-a-holic thing lately as well. So your post was spot on for me. We have to work, but we have to chill. Remember to enjoy NYC too, don't rush through it all with a big "must see" list.

The new paintings for the show look great. Have fun!

While your gone I'll be taking a break... well I'll think about taking a break...: )

Safe travels!

sMacThoughts said...

I never feel I am a workaholic, instead, I feel more like I can't keep up with all the things I wish to accomplish in a day. And it's not the same.

These works are stunning, absolutely, and I wish you a fantabulous time in my city!

Abby Creek Art said...

Beautiful work, Michele! The red one is my fav too.

Have a great time in New York...leave the work behind and have fun! xox

Victoria said...

Gorgeous work!
And yes I feel like a work-a-holic, but also feel like I never get a fraction of what I want to do done.

Art Kitten said...

RED!!!!! My favorite color, it is sooo beautiful. If you are driven to work, work. And I hope you are having a wonderful time in New York!