Sunday, May 11, 2008


I want an etching press.


I am researching table top presses...and so far most are really expensive.
There are ones that are 700-800 dollars, but I know what you get when you buy one...

I want a Takach...but they are $4,000 :(

I have always used a Griffon, but those are $3,500.... :(

I did find a Conrad...for $1400, but it has a resin laminate bed plate, and I really hate those....


Maybe, just maybe, there will be a million dollar check in my mail box tomorrow :)


Violet Ink said...

Oh, do i want a press too! I can't afford one either. Nor do i have the space for one at the momment. BUT some day i will prevail and own one.

Diana said...

You strike me as the type of person who will make this happen. You create the most amazing landscapes and narratives out of thin air; you can do this, too.

I have faith!

kristinimartini said...

my studiomate and i got a wee little one from daniel smith. the biggest plate we can run is 8"x10" and it's pretty bare bones, but it's scratching the itch 'till the day a million dollar check shows up in my mailbox;)

Michele Maule said...

Thanks everyone!!

I am looking into the Daniel Smith Press :) I think I am going to make this happen. Some how, some way...I think this is going to be good.

Now...where I am going to put it is another issue....

Janice La Verne said...

Hi Michele,

We just got through moving my press. There is a lot to be said for a tabletop press. Moving the ten zillion pound Pelican Press almost killed poor Ginger and the movers. This is the second time I've moved it. I almost sold it, and bought a smaller one, but... I'm attached to this 30 year old clunker. Now that it is moved I'm excited to set up the garage print area!

Kristin's press is great! and easy to move too!

good luck, Janice