Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Found Talent

Guess who's treasury made the front page again! Yup!
I think I might have a new found talent for picking things to go on the front page :)

I am also at my 199th sale!!
Wow! I have had almost 100 items sell since April. That's almost 100 items to sell in three months...which is not a lot for some people...but that is A LOT for me...

My 200th sale will get something awesome with their order! Yay! Presents.

Alright. I have been printing almost all day...mostly doing a special order. It seems as though some of my plates are really well behaved and some want to cause nothing but agony for me. But, I got a few really good ones and I am overall very happy with them. I love my press. I love love love it.

I am hungry and I think Chloe needs a W A L K.


sMacThoughts said...

I saw you on the FP, congrats...and my gosh, so many sales, also fantabulous! These prints are really cool.

Art Kitten said...

Yes, Michelle, your treasuries are just gorgeous!