Monday, August 18, 2008

I am Blaming the Season

That's right.

It's all summer's fault. It's all summer's fault that I have no desire to paint, draw, or print.
The sunny weather is not making me want to work at all.

All I want to do is nothing. However, I have three fairs and the holidays coming up and I really can't be taking another day off.

Poop. I really did try to work today. Nothing really seemed to gel. You know?

So here I am, writing a blog.
I had a good weekend, though.

We didn't make it to the park, and the projector is broken, but it was still good.
Every year Detroit has the Woodward Dream Cruise. Basically it's a bunch of really old cars that drive up and down this long "highway" that stretches from Pontiac to downtown Detroit.

There were a bunch of cars parked in Pontiac, so we walked down to "downtown" Pontiac to check it out. It was pretty cool. Lots of old cars...and people...and stuff.
Yeah. Then we had a fire Friday and Saturday night.

Another person moved in this weekend too. She's from Oklahoma. We haven't met her yet.

Summer is winding down, and I can't wait for cooler weather. I know I will be eating my words in February, but I really don't care.

ps. This is my new painting.


Janice La Verne said...

Hi Michele,

i think having time to do nothing is very important. i hardly ever get to do nothing, but it's very helpful in some weird way.

i have this list that my friend K. made all about what you could do when you don't feel like making art except i can't find it, but MOVIES are a biggie. and going thrift shopping for materials and ???

if i'm really desparate i make someone give me an "assignment".

but maybe it's just ok to take some time off...

it's raining in oregon. the dogs have been up two nights in a row freaked out by thunder and lightening.

enjoy the sun, Janice

tangled sky studio said...

same thing going' on here...i'll vote to blame it on the weather (and outfitting 3 kids for back to school!). but i feel a large burst of creativity is about to descend upon us all!!!

Megan Chapman said...

It will all come round again.
It always does...
You'll see, and it when it does,
you are gonna rock it.

the holidays are far away yet...

you are working inside quietly right now. relax, I can't wait to see what happens next.