Friday, August 15, 2008

Taking the Weekend Off


So I am feeling a little burnt out today.
I hurt my leg somehow last week, and I haven't been able to run since last Friday. I don't know what's wrong with it, but every time I try to go running sharp pains shoot through my calf. So, this whole not running thing has really affected my overall mood. Blah.

So I am going to take this afternoon, until Monday off.
I think I am going to watch a movie. Tomorrow I think Mike and I might go to this state park that has a nice lake, and then we are going to have another out door movie night. We've been getting a few new neighbors, so it will be nice to do something with them. Just a few more weeks and this place is going to be hopping with new neighbors...I am enjoying the empty parking lot and quiet while I can.

Cranbrook starts up again in three weeks and even though I don't go there, I am anxious to get this school year started and over with.

So yeah. I think I am going to go watch a movie, or read, and just try to get away from making anything for a few days.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
ps. these are the things i have been working on this last week...


doryangray said...

ow, i liken your blog, it´s very interisting, your drawing, your word(sorry my english it´s so bad, i come from chile)

K. Trinks said...

i really like the first two, good job!

and your leg, a few weeks ago i hurt my foot the same way, it was weird because i recall hurting it while shopping at target (LAME i know) but it had sharp pains for a couple of weeks. it just healed on its own time, so i wouldn't worry just reeeelax :)

Megan Chapman said...

Good for you Michele.

Rest, read, watch films with neighbors and visit lakes.. Sounds fantastic!

Hope your leg gets better soon!!
I like this new work!!

tangled sky studio said...

you've got a lot of work to show for the week...enjoy the weekend!
p.s. i like the last one...

justagirl said...

sorry about your leg, ouch...

good to have a few days off, and sounds good to watch some outdoor movies, we have them here in the summer time too at a winery.

your work looks yummy as usual.

Locust said...

I saw your work on Etsy and I'm in love! I especially love the "Don't Know Where We're Going" paiting and I want it for myself, but I'm a littlle short on cash right now =(

Hope you feel better soon!