Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Heart K. Trinks

I love my best friend.

So I have been sitting around, getting work done, feeling sorry for myself, wishing I had a new micron pen, wishing I had snacks, wishing I had some treats...and guess who comes knockin at my door?

The UPS lady with a package from K.Trinks full of treats and snacks, and even a brand new 005 Micron pen! Swear to God!! So thank you Trinks. You are a great friend, and yes, we will be reunited soon for many beers and unlimited baskets of tater tots.

I even got my very own little Wall E :) Who now lives on my desk. that really cheered me up.
Also I got Laurie Notaro's newest book The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death, for my I started reading that last night.
I love her books. My all time favorite book is The Idiot Girls Action Adventure Guide. I bought this when I was going through a really hard time of my life, and I swear to god it made laugh so hard I cried. Her newest one is good so far too. I laughed until my sides hurt last night. Everyone always says how funny David Sedaris is, and yeah, he's pretty funny, but I don't laugh nearly as hard as I do when I read her books. I think I can just relate to her stories more, because I have either thought the same way, or done the same things :)

Well, that totally made my day. Plus, we're going to Taqueria San Jose tonight....mmm...tacos and beans and rice. Tasty! Hope everyone is having a good day.

ps. I got a new painting finished today!


justagirl said...

isn't it funny how the world works like that, or rather how friends just know these things.

I am going to see if I can find a copy of the idiot girls action adventure guide... sounds just what I need. love the new painting, reminds me of my grandfathers old underwood that my brother thought was his... grumble grumble grumble.

It is friday and am looking forward to the weekend.


K. Trinks said...

dip the pretzels in the nutella

i'm glad the gifts pumped you up!

jessicajane said...

i need to find a new microperm 001! i went to the craft store and i guess they have everything ecxept those....your friend rules. id love to get a goody box filled with sweets and supplies. haha.have a good weekend!

Janice La Verne said...

hard to type, oscar the cat is flinging things off my desk.

i too put in a request for books after reading your post, laughing is very good. i am on my 3rd book about the tudors and it's getting a bit old: all the women die in childbirth, get expelled to a nunnery, or are beheaded.

your blog is the best. don't forget my request for how you prep your panels. hope i'm not too demanding...

hope your weekend was swell.


Mary said...

Thank gawd. I have ben looking for a new book. Does it go best with gin or cake? Maybe cake. I don't want gin coming out my nose...