Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trying Hard

So I have been trying really hard not to be homesick.
But today got the best of me.

I looked up Jack White and Loretta Lynn's video for Portland, Oregon, and that was a huge mistake....

Anyway, I don't want to harp on the subject...because a lot of you already know how I feel. So I will just post a few videos on my home...and you can see why I love it so much...

This one has some people I don't know, but lot of landmarks that I do know.


Lots of Obama supporters! :)

The street I rode my bike on everyday, to go to work:

I can't wait to go home.


Erika Lee Sears said...

Move back to Portland :) You're only a few short months away.

I have been reading your blog for quite some time but haven't ever commented.


Mary said...

Portland misses you, too.

artslice said...

ok, I can relate to how homesick you are... I went through a similar situation when I was in my early 20s. But I have to ask... why are you there in Pontiac? I have not been able to find why in your blog... and I just have to ask!

ps, am loving the fruits of your new press!!


Michele Maule said...

I am living in Pontiac for another 8.5 months because my boyfriend is attending graduate school here. He graduates May 8th...which means we will be leaving for Portland May 9th :)

I would have stayed behind but, I knew either way it was going to be hard. And I would rather be here supporting him. Plus he promised me a puppy, and how can I turn that down? :)

tri said...

Yay for puppies and yay for Portland. Look at it this way - you're getting a chance to focus on your work with little/to no distractions from all the wonders of Portland. ;)

I'll be in PDX next weekend and will be wishing you and Mikey were there to give us a break from my family time (out of town family from Paris visiting to boot!). Anything you want us to do/see in your honor?

Michele Maule said...

Just say, "Hello" to the Steel Bridge for me! :)

artslice said...

I see:) Well... not much longer now, really! And the puppy.. who can resist?!
I moved from Portland to Spokane and I also really missed it so much after we left. It really felt like home to me (we lived in SW - Multnomah Village) and my husband too. We visit when we can and have a wish to someday move back. So... I feel your pain, hang in there!