Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's So Quiet

It's really quiet around here today.

The last few weeks all I have heard is hammering, and sawing, and drilling. Now that everyone is moved in, it's really quiet. It's nice.

Fall is definitely in the air today. It's dry, and cool, and it's awesome.

So I have just been working on some works on paper the last few days. I haven't really felt like painting lately. I really like working on paper...so I think I will be continuing that for awhile.

Speaking of works on paper...I was so self involved yesterday that I totally forgot to mention that my friend Megan has an Etsy shop now! Yay! Check it out.

So that's about all I got today... just hanging in there...working things out...


Megan Chapman said...

Thanks for the shop shout out Michele!

Many of your fabulous readers come and visit my blog too, and I would be honored if they visit my little shop.

Things are going so well there I only have 6 paper paintings left!!

I am busy working on more right now!
Thanks again for all your energy and support.

I am happy the Fall is around the corner too!!

tangled sky studio said...

the paperworks look great...piecing things together is a totally different vibe than painting. It's interesting that you are feeling drawn to the assemblage now that you have quiet....
i have a bit of quiet around here each day and it is heaven!

Art Kitten said...

Congratulations to Megan on her Etsy shop, I will be sure to stop by (her paintings are wonderful). Quiet is nice, I just finally put Maya to bed and have a little quiet to myself now.