Monday, September 8, 2008

So it Begins!

Today was the first day, of the second year, at Cranbrook.

I have been thinking a lot about why I moved here this weekend, and what it's been like.
I moved here because I knew things were going to be difficult either way. I knew that either I was going to miss Mike terribly if I stayed, or I would miss home terribly if I moved.

This has been a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I feel like I haven't been the best supporter here. That maybe I complain about this living situation too much. Maybe I am doing more harm than good. I feel like maybe this isn't so bad, that if I just focus on the positive this whole thing would be a lot easier. I feel like I am the one making this harder on both of us.

This whole situation has been really difficult for both of us, and on our relationship...and I think that if I had to do this over again I would have stayed home. On the other hand, this experience has allowed me to see that I can make art and make a living. Giving and taking.

I think this school year will be a lot better than last year...I know what to expect. I know how to handle certain situations and that the end is so close. I just want this stress to be done with and over. I just want things to go back to how they were, and I am not really sure if that will really happen.


Anyway, I got a lot of stuff done today, and I am almost ready for this upcoming art fair. It's a two day event in Ferndale, and I am a little worried. I am really afraid that I won't have enough stuff. I think that I would be fine if it was one day...but two?? Eeks. I am nervous...

So I have been doing a lot of printing the last couple of days. One of the ceramic students at Cranbrook also happens to have an Etsy shop. His name is Tim, and he gave Michael this really great screen printing tip. You first print on acetate, then move your paper over to line it up with the printed acetate, then pull the acetate away, bring your screen down, print, and voila! Perfect registration :)

I don't have any pictures of said prints, but I thought I would include some pictures of Chloe. She had a good day of napping on clean clothes straight from the dryer, and she also got some good naps in the sun...ah...what a life.


Megan Chapman said...

Wow.. what a heartfelt post. I knew you missed home and were counting the days, but hadn't thought about what it all really meant for your relationship etc..

But you have been very successful in your art and this angst has bonded you to a lot of people who like me can relate to your struggles. I know this stress has also informed your art.

The painting that I have of yours, (Detroit water tower 2007) with the calendar dates signed, and sweet little cursive messages- almost hidden say "Is it time to go home yet" and "I feel like I am just counting the days" "the first month -the place can't even compare"

I treasure these little messages, and I can feel your heart being pulled, and I have been there.

Thanks for sharing and putting your self into your art. I hope this year flies by with less stress but just as much inspiration.

justagirl said...

I too hope this year goes by super fast for you, and well, Megan said it all really in her lovely comment...


tangled sky studio said...

i know where you are and i know why you are unhappy there (i grew up in detroit). the one thing i can say on the relationship front is that things happen...unexpected, expected, good, bad and uncomfortable and it is how you work thru each experience that makes the memory a joint one. sometimes it's just a matter of perspective (you know the whole "in the grand scheme of things thing") anyways, i wish you a productive an new-friend filled year.

Beth Hannon Fuller said...

It's funny,
about 10 years ago I was a nanny for a wealthy couple with 3 kids.I watched the kids ,got paid well ,did my art on days off.
They moved to Rochester Hills,MI and asked me to follow. Me, being an artist, looked into it...ahhh...Cranbrook, they offered tuition. Instead, I stayed in Virginia, took art ed and printmaking classes at James Madison U in Va. And I had a wonderful experience. But I had to leave a relationship to do it. Turns out, it wasn't the right one for me.
The relationship will work out if it should. Don't take those classes at Cranbrook for granted. They are priceless. Your art and yourself, is most important, things fall into place after that.

Janice La Verne said...

you have wise readers.

i don't seem to know anything tonight. for most of my life no matter where i am i want to be somewhere else. except when i am in the tiny town of Yachats, Oregon. Then I feel at home.

i think at these times when one is in a place that you don't want to be, you have to have lots of treats each day, and rewards. if the place is wrong then everything else must be right to compensate. right socks, right paper, right pencils, right candy, new underwear.

oh, you are going to think this is nuts, hard to express.

when i lived in los angeles i thought i would die if i didn't get out of the concrete...

wish i could help more,