Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don't Really Feel Like Writing Anything

So there isn't a lot I really feel like writing about today.
My friend Nate is coming to visit me for a couple of days, so yes, a tour of Downtown Detroit is on my list of things to do. I can take him down and show him how depressing and sad it all is. I still don't understand why we spending all this money on a useless war, when right in our own back yards cities like Detroit are crumbling and self destructing.

It is so sad.

Anyway, I have been listening to this song over and over and I really love it.
It makes me want to move to New York. But I don't think I will. I am too much of a Portland girl.

Also! I got another blog award :)
Thanks Angie!

I need to get some stuff done before Nate shows up.
Hope everyone is having a good Thursday.

ps. Megan, I am SOoooo looking forward to your blog tomorrow!


Megan Chapman said...

I love that PJ Harvey song too!!
I hope you enjoy my blog TODAY!
and I thank you so much for all your help and for just being cool.

jessicajane said...

I agree with you about the whole war thing. Im pretty sure there are probbaly more murders in America each day than there are deaths in Iraq right now. I used to live near Toledo, which is close-ish to Detroit. It wasnt as near as bad as Detroit but was still bad.

Art Kitten said...

Congrats on the award!

Catherine Chandler said...

I love love love your work, and just posted about it on my blog. I'm a portland girl myself! I totally agree about spending money on a war while our infrastructure is crumbling.

Janice La Verne said...

your blog deserves at least 10 awards. I am hearby giving it a giant award for being real, real person, real joys and struggles. and kind, i'd like to add that too.

and great art

gilkey center, yes!!

Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Michele...thanks for the was great!