Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Random Thoughts

These are the random thoughts I was having while working today.

I was working on an illustration for my friend Mary's mom. Mary lives in Portland. Portland has really good food. One of my favorites is Burgerville. Burgerville has THE best milkshakes. Michael and I have both talked extensively about how we are going to stop at the first Burgerville we see on our road trip back. I wonder where it is. I think there is one in Idaho...maybe I should look that up so that we can plan our trip around stopping at Burgerville.

We are definelty eating at El Burrito Loco on the first night home. God, it's 8 months until we move and I am already planning out all the restaurants we have to eat at...

When my friend Kim comes to visit that's what we do. We plan her visit around all the good places to eat. Elephants for the orange something soup, The Cricket for breakfast, McMennimens for baskets of tater tots and bear....mmm...OMG. Why am I doing this to myself.

On another note this dress was on the front page of Etsy today. It's by Holly Stalder and I really really want it. For my wedding. She's from Portland too!
Le sigh. Oh well. Things will work out.

Ok. So PoHo is pretty packed right about now. Lots of new neighbors. It's exciting. Everyone seems really nice so far. I think it's going to be a great year. Also no crazy people in the basement. That's always a good sign.

Alright. Speaking of neighbors, a couple of them want to go out to dinner. I feel like such a social butterfly :)


kristinimartini said...

oh.my.god. we're are going to get along great at the great portland meet up w/ janice! i loooooooove burgerville. we ALWAYS stop on the way to ore. and on the way home. janice got me a gift certificate for BV last xmas!
....will reply to your email soon!

Jenni Horne said...

Hey you! I'm tagging you. Never done this. Go to my blog for details. Jenni

justagirl said...

That dress is soooo gorjus!!!

We don't have a burgerville in New Zealand sounds like we might have to get one!

I do like your train of thought... :)


tangled sky studio said...

i'm all about food all the time...i wake up thinking about what i'm going to make for dinner. all your picks sound fabulous and burgerville's on the short list for when i visit portland! i also heard about this excellent donut place in portland???

Michele Maule said...

The donut place is called Voodoo Donuts!
They have really good donuts, but mostly they are just really funny. There is one that is shaped like a man and has pretzel sticks poking out of him..like a voodoo doll :)
There is another one that is a maple donut with bacon on it...they get kinda crazy. There is even one that has nyquil and pepto bismol on it. Which sounds kinda gross...
here is the website
It is definitely a place to check out when you visit Portland.

tri said...

Greetings! We were just in Portland and I waved at all the bridges for you. :)

Although I'm from Portland, there's A LOT I haven't experienced since I was just a poor 18 year old the last time I lived there! We ate breakfast at Gravy's (mmmmmmm! worth the 1 hour+ wait)), walked around Alberta and Mississippi ("The Office" on Alberta RULES! I'd love to own everything in there), ate King Burrito (ever had? excellent Al Pastor near St. John's!), and we had Burgerville on our way home. The northern-most Burgerville is in Centralia and we always stop if we can. I wish they were in Seattle. :(

Art Kitten said...

You know Michelle, after work yesterday I was relaxing and reading your blog, and then I made my husband take me out for burgers and milkshakes at the Hubbard Ave. Diner, which has the BEST milkshakes in Madison! Thanks for the suggestion :)

Janice La Verne said...

All this Burgerville talk is making me laugh! I get so excited about going there too. Burgerville means I am going north or K and T are coming to Eugene!

Can't wait to try all these yummy eats places in P'land. Any good fabric stores in P'land? We want to find some great fabrics to make tablecloths and dresser scarves.

And Michelle, you really helped me. Thanks for all the words in my art-down-in the dumps state of mind.

When you come back to P'land, we should all meet at the Gilkey Center and look at prints. I've never done this and it sounds fun. K and I have a friend who works there...

happy first week of sept!

Michele Maule said...

Oh Janice!
The Gilkey Center is soooo much fun. I have been there 3 times. If you contact the curator with a list of artists you'd like to see, they will try to find the prints for you. You can then have like a private viewing, as long as there aren't other people scheduled to visit at the same time. It is a lot of fun! Michael and I actually went on one of our first dated there :)

tri said...

Janice - although I don't know you I have to give a giant recommendation to Fabric Depot. We got there every single time I visit Portland and stock up. They had a big 30% off everything sale (they always seem to have a sale when we go). You have no idea how many fabric stores I've gone to in Portland and Seattle and none beat Fabric Depot.


Angie said...

Hi Michele - Just wanted you to know that I have given your blog an award - http://artangelstudio.blogspot.com.
Angie :)

NanaG said...

You are too funny. Yes Burgerville is someplace to definately stop at when in the NW. And to katherine in New Zealand. . .sorry you can't have one. . lol. burgerville specializes in sustainability & Local grown, like when the Berry season is in full swing they have only NW berry dishes. Same when Walla Walla sweet onions for the Onion rings.
3 of my 5 kids had thier first jobs at our local Burgerville. Good company to work for. Much better than Micky D's
As for the dress. . .I think it is adorable. Us Portlanders are darn creative aren't we!

manamoon said...

That dress is absolutely gorgeous and I can understand completely why you want it!! Just fabulous!

Mary said...

In driving cross country, I remember the Burgervilla being crazy with the signs, you know, like "Last Burgerville for 20,000 miles" or "next Burgerville 350 miles." I hope they are still there. Coming from Rhode Island, I had no idea.

My mom has a collection of little bird houses that have the same look as the piece you made for her. She totally digs it.