Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lovely Fall Day

It's a beautiful Fall day and I have been more than productive.

I can't believe it's almost November.
Another month closer to home.


I can't wait...

If sales pick up just a little more, I can go home in January...but until then...7.5 months...

Hope everyone is have a great Tuesday :)


Megan Chapman said...

I love your photographs of your space.
Always makes me long for my years in Oregon even though you are in Michigan! You must just carry Oregon with you.

justagirl said...

I love having a glimpse of the place where people create, it is cool when I see something familiar, some medium, a brushes or something that I also use... we are on the opposite sides of the world and we use the same pencil.

Janice La Verne said...

hi michele,

i like the self-portraits a lot, and i'm glad your're pricing up. your work is worth it!

my fave is the one where the woman has her shoes off.

hey 30 is nothing! wait til you turn 50, it's so strange.


Diana said...

I hope you can come home sooner than later! Megan is right: you do carry Oregon around with you. It comes through in your language, written and especially painted. Would love to buy you a cup of coffee when you're back.

tangled sky studio said...

hi michele,
i too love work space photos...it looks as if you've been madly clipping (love the wad of blue tape on the edge of the desk!).
i think your self portrait paintings have turned out so beautifully and find them very inspiring.