Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Exciting Things are Happening!

Yes they are!

So this morning I woke up to see my Imperial print on PoppyTalk! :)
That was a nice thing to wake up to.

Also, the Spring Fling craft fair is in the works and I am really excited about that.
I don't know if I'm allowed to say who is going to be there...but I will say that I am
really excited about the vendors who have said yes! yay!

Also, I am considering doing a bunch of blog give away dealys next month...more on that later!

Yup! Lots of really good things coming my way, and YOUR way too!


Comfortably Lovely said...

You can leave a few names like.... Michele Maule, Chain Chain Chained, Comfortably Lovely, Brash Design, Bettula, Space Age Love, White Owl,

Comfortably Lovely said...

Oh, and totally sweet! So happy for you! Such a success you are!

justagirl said...

I saw you on poppytalk and said Yay out loud!

am pleased for you for all the sucess!!!

and am looking forward to the giveaways!

tangled sky studio said...

Exciting news here as well...something must be in the air? full moon? congrats on poppytalk!

2DogStudio said...

Great news Michele! A very nice thing to wake up to. I did email you in response to yours but not sure you got it. I will try to write you again. Ok, Wendy.

Megan Chapman said...

Yay! Way to go..

Janice La Verne said...

I have so enjoyed coming home and reading all your blog posts of the week. Loved the Chloe photos...

I have never used gouache and probably cannot even spell it correctly. Would you consider a blog post about what you love about using this material and how it works???

Congrats on the Poppytalk site. You deserve all good things.