Monday, March 9, 2009

Blog Give Away Week 2!

as promised, here is the second blog give away of the month.

ay my question for you is what things in your life make you happy?
List five things in your life th
at you love, that don't require monies, or at least lots of monies.

I will st

1. I love spring time in Portl
and. My favorite thing to do in the Spring is to lay on a blanket in my front yard, in the shade under the big cherry tree, while perusing the newest Ikea catalog!

2. In the morning Chloe likes to come snuggle right under my
arm, and sometimes she gives my hand little kisses. It's so cute!

Getting mail from my friends. a letter or a postcard, or sometimes a present. Makes my day.

4. Sometimes, r
arely, Micheals dinners get switched to another night, and he surprises me by coming home several hours early. It happend last night, and it was such a nice surprise!

a nice long 5 mile run on Mt. Tabor on a summer morning. I love seeing Mt. Hood and Hawthorne St. from there. Love it.

at's it!
Now it's your turn.

ave your favorite 5 things in the comments section, and on Friday I will draw a name from the list of people and you could win a free 5x7" print :D

Hope everyone h
ad a good weekend, and hope you're all having a good Monday.

ps. I
added two new paintings to my Etsy shop!
Be sure to check them out :)


nikki said...

1. When I'm cuddling with my cat and she leans into me and purrs.
2. Walking into the kitchen and seeing the sink all bright and shiny and void of dirty dishes.
3. The smile that people get when you give them a gift that they love, especially if it's something you made yourself.
4. Holding hands in the movie theater.
5. Cool, crisp cotton sheets on a warm night.

miesmama said...

My list is this -

1. my kid's, and family
2. spring, can't wait!
3. snail mail, makes my day!
4. nature walks
5. my dog and two kitties

thanks for the chance at your beautiful giveaway! :D

Erika Lee Sears said...

1. drinking a fresh cup of coffee in the morning and sitting outside in spring/summer time enjoying the Portland green air.
2. sitting on the couch with husband and my two adorable snuggly little pugs watching a movie
3. when my husband does the dishes..
4. when i dont have to wait to wake up to an alarm clock
5. walking around last thursdays artwalks on alberta in the summertime.

Hi, My name is Sarah said...

1. A walk in the park
2. a Hug from my niece Claudia
3. Paint!
4. Read a book
5. Clean sheets

bopbopdesigns said... family
3.finding creative people/blogs/etsy shops
4.going for a walk
5.the beach

Tri and Justin said...

1. When I cook a new recipe and it turns out beautifully. It makes the meal taste 10x better when I've conquered a new technique/ingredient/style of cooking.

2. When I DJ and someone tells me how I played exactly what they love to heard. It feels amazing to make people dance, but even better to know that I touched someone with my selection.

3. Taking a nap with my two dogs wedged on each side of me. My little Saffy likes to cuddle and share my pillow, while our big boy Barley likes to lay behind my legs, tucked into where they bend and rest his head on my knees.

4. Sleeping in and knowing I don't have any responsibilities for the day and can do whatever I want. The feeling of not having something nag at you is worth gold in my book (since it rarely happens!).

5. Seeing my friend's design and artwork in public. It's an incredible feeling to be somewhere random and to look over and see a poster on the wall or a bus ad by someone I know.

Holly said...

1. My dog Lulu's velvety soft ears.
2. When my husband cooks a great dinner for me.
3. My quill, my rigger and the possibility of a blank page.
4. digging in the dirt and working on my garden.
5. Catching up with friends and having a good hearty laugh!

I could go on...

Thank you for the chance.

michaelendo said...

1. Sharing a fresh pot of coffee and the NY times crossword with my life mate.
2. Learning interesting facts
3. New paint brushes
4. Wandering around book stores
5. Singing in the car with my life mate.

justagirl said...

1 When my little Ben says to me "mummy lets talk about the necklace I made you that you love"
2 Seeing my partner so busy organising his football team.
3 finishing a painting
4 laughing with my friends till I nearly pee my pants.
5 going somewhere new...

Anonymous said...

1. going for coffee with my hubby
2. snuggling up with my sweet cat and a book
3. 15 minute walks to get a break from the studio
4. waking up to sunshine and looking at the blue sky
5. riding my bike fast, feeling the wind in my hair, feeling free

L'Atelier said...

1. I love water-lakes, rivers, oceans or seas, i adore the blue stuff- and even more i love floating in the water just hearing muted echos, its grubling just letting go.

2. To travel, just for the sake of travelling. watching landscapes change seeing new things going for new adventures

3. letters, emails messages from my friends and family- always loved correspondence

4. mountains- they make me feel at home, their majesty their subtle slow lifes like great giant friends

5. laughing with O- he is very funny and there is nothing better than seeing his eyes light up.

Anonymous said...

1_ The man of my life(my boyfriend). He makes me feel really special every minute I'm with him and when I'm not as well.
2_ My grey cat Keiko. I love sleeping snuggled up with her on the cold Winter nights.
3_ The smell of Spring when the weather starts warming up.
4_ Laying in the sun.
5_ Giving gifts to friends with no reason at all.

sfer said...

1.- A good book. One that you cannot put aside. One that makes you forget what time it is.
2.- Cozy tea places.
3.- Creating stuff with my own hands. Sewing or knitting or crafting... Something I can touch.
4.- Pictures with beautiful colors on them. Like the ones I have in my flickr favs.
5.- Waking up without the alarm clock.

fromthepines said...

Hmm, you're making me think- this is good!

1. That it is almost spring time- can't wait to see all the snow gone.

2.My puppy Maggie - soft ears and very cuddly

3. Getting tons of ideas and inspiration from many blogs!

4. Finding a perfect book and having time to just relax and enjoy it.

5. Laughing my head off with my teenage girlie.


Samantha said...

1. I love napping with my son & daughter. They each snuggle under each arm and we pass out. This makes me feel complete.
2. I love walking. Especially now that my fractured foot is healed. I haven't been able to walk sine September so it's wonderful. Just a simple walk.
3.I love fruit. I'm a fruit freak.
4. I love making art. Especially when I'm making it for someone.
5. I love reading a good book in bed. It's the best way to end a day.

Jamie Lovely said...

1. I love naps.
2. I love when my puppy is in a cuddly mood.
3. I love the day when you can tell Chicago is waking up from a long winter.
4. I love weather that's perfect for ice cream.
5. I love taking walks with my best friend and window shopping.

Ann said...

1. I love being so wrapped up in a book that I can't do anything else. I just have to read.
2. I really love helping people. I love it even more when they are super-thankful for it. I know I should help people just for the sake of helping, but I like to be recognized for it, too.
3. I love having a freshly vacuumed carpet, and freshly mopped floors.
4. I like going on walks next to large bodies of water.
5. I like planning for something I know I'm going to do. Whether it's throw a party for a friend, weekend plans, or a cleaning schedule. If I know I'm going to do it, I love planning for it.

Hashi said...

1. Having friends over for dinner. I enjoy this so much that every Sunday is now Open House Dinner at my place. You are welcome to come if you are in L.A.! Just let me know by Saturday morning and show up hungry at 6 on Sunday.
2. Sitting in my sunny backyard with a cup of tea contemplating veggie/herb garden.
3. Taking close up photographs of plants and food and friends' faces.
4. Reading a bedtime story to my daughter. She's now 11.5 yrs old, and not ready to give them up yet. We're currently on Harry Potter #5.
5. Discovering the city on foot. I have walked my way through the book "Walking L.A" and it's brought me so much happiness. This city is so rich in quirky little neighbourhoods. And staircases. Miles of staircases. Fun!

BookGirl said...

1. Reading to my honey in bed.
2. Watching my puppy sleep.
3. Choosing a new book to read.
4. Sunday mornings and bagels.
5. Seeing the first daffodils come up in my front yard.

christy said...

1. my 6 year old daughter's secrets
2. my husbands still flirts with me
3. taking the entire day to read
4. morning walks and runs before the rest of the neighborhood is awake
5. warm weather, windows down, good tunes cranked up

SilverGelatin said...

1. Fuller Lake in Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Pa. I love being the first one on the fake beach and making the first footprints in the sand and seeing all the way to the bottom of the lake while the water is still crystal clear.

2. The sounds of crickets chirping outside my window on late summer nights.

3. Snuggling with my Loca puppy girl when she actually decides to share the bed with me.

4. A perfect black and white photograph emerging in the developer in the white lab.

5. Nostalgic memories as a results of a smell.

Nancy said...

1. My husband ♥
2. My dog when she's in a cuddly mood
3. Traveling
4. A nice dinner that I did not have to cook myself
5. Making art

I could go on and on :)

amy said...

1. Chocolate and coffee (ok that's two but they go good together.)
2. When my daughters giggle together.
3. A picnic on a blanket under the tree in the backyard.
4. A hug
5. Watching 4 year olds tap dance

CourtneyP said...


2.A big hot cup of coffee with good creamer!
3.Rainy days and old movies.
4.good music
5.Hearing my kids laugh!

Michele Maule said...

These are so much fun to read!!
Thank you all for sharing!! keep 'em coming :D

ReichB said...

1. Blog Giveaways! :)
2. Finding a really good deal on something I buy, whether it's clothes or groceries or stuff for the house.
3. Going wine tasting with the Hubs.
4. Cuddling with the Hubs on a cold night.
5. Redecorating/Rearranging the ole' abode.

tangled sky studio said...

1. connecting with art moments thru music kids truly being kids(and not mini adults...)
LOVE this give away idea!

Mee a Bee said...

This is so great:
1. I love chocolate and chocolate makes me happy
2. I love reading, especially reading in my armchair on a sunny afternoon, feels so indulgent but makes me so happy
3. Hearing about people's success stories makes me happy and motivated to be great.
4. Receiving mail, even just fliers, addressed to me makes me really happy. The empty mailbox makes me so sad.
5. News of new babies in the family or amongst my friends thrills me beyond belief.

Thanks, I'd love to win!

Anonymous said...

1. walking to class on warm windy days.
2. new socks.
3. using all 4 burners when cooking.
4. sleepy sunday mornings and going out to breakfast at noon.
5. wearing cute scarves.

mateja said...

Things that makes me happy :)

1. spending winter evenings with loved ones and hot cup of tea
2. good book before sleep
3. weekends when I stay at home and watch great movies all day with my boyfriend
4. smell of freshly cut grass after heavy downpours
5. cooking and experimenting in kitchen

Michelle said...

1. Driving an hour to the Oregon coast and tickling sea anenomes.
2. Cuddling with my fur baby, Sage.
3. Hugs frim my sweet husband
4. Really good conversations with my mum
5. Getting lost in the zone and losing all track of time when I'm painting.

kat said...

1. My cat Mura who sleeps with me every night and who wakes me up every morning by putting her wet nose against mine and purring her tail off.
2. My boyfriend who cooks for me and is the only person in the world who has an easy ability to bring me out of my shy shell.
3. A rainy day. The air is fresher and cleaner. Everything just looks so sharp and in focus.
4. Green Tea Frappuccinos! Those melt away the most bad days on earth.
5. Being in an artist's home or studio. It's like a candy store for me.

Anonymous said...

1. my hubbys belly
2. my kitties pink nose and popcorn smelly feet
3. a museum/gallery show where i come out inspired and smiling
4. good food or dessert with wine
5. the beach anywhere (i love mexico!)


Wendy said...

1. I love the smell of rain and the sound it makes when it hits my skylights at home.

2. I love that my doggies always greet me with jumping and cheer when I come home.

3. I love snuggling in the goosedown blankets with my hubby and my doggies on cold days.

4. Playing board games with family and friends.

5. The colors and music of the holidays.

Thanks for another chance at your beautiful art!!

Abby Creek Art said...

Love your new paintings on Etsy, Michele!

So let's see...I love...

* Having breakfast with my hubbie in the morning.
* Taking Maisie on a spring morning walk.
* Looking at the view of beautiful open space from my studio.
* Sipping my first chai of the day.
*Watching Maisie sleep next to my desk as I type this.:)

JustJoan said...

I just discovered you over on Stephanie Levy's blog. I LOVE your teacup collage! Keep on are so talented!!!
Here are my five faves that don't cost a penny.
one...watching sunsets
two...visits with my mom who is so near the end of her life
three...the dog that greets me when I get home
four...working in my garden
five...smiling a contagious smile

Cathy said...

1. window shopping through etsy.
2. snuggling with my little dog on the couch.
3. sitting in the sun to warm up.
4. checking out magazines at the library.
5. ...and my guilty pleasure...watching "the Real Housewives of New York". :)

devin schuyler said...

(I just recently ended a years worth of "grateful for" lists with 5 things listed each day...I LOVE THIS!!!)

1. Waking up in the middle of the night sandwiched between my three kitties - they are SO PRECIOUS!

2. Making my best friend, Ivan, laugh - he doesn't laugh too often, but when he does the world becomes brighter!

3. Watching random acts of kindness unfold in front of me

4. Sitting or laying on the sand/rocks/beach of a ocean shoreline late and night, listening to the waves crashing or rolling into's the best sound in the world

5. A warm smile from a stranger

Nancy Topolski delicately perched said...

1. Taking the dog for a walk in Ellison Park, up the mountain and across the ridge and back down the mountain again.
2. Sitting on the beach in July and losing 6 hours to the sound of the waves crashing.
3.Walking into the kitchen and seeing empty clean counters, a bright and shiny sink void of dirty dishes and dinner on the table.
4. Making anything out of nothing, or at least making something with collage.
5. Sleeping

abby said...

1. I love it when my son Max backs up into me and plops down in my lap!
2. I love getting catalogs and magazines in the mail!
3. Coffee with cream and real sugar
4. Sharing the big chair with my husband, hanging out, watching tv.
5. A little stretch of time to paint!

monica said...

1. the moment when I finish a really good book and I close the cover and the world it created lingers in my head and merges with the world around me.
2. the sound that sharp scissors make when cutting through fabric
3. the smell of my children
4. singing loudly in the car at night
5. laughing so much it hurts

polka dots said...

1. a good book
2. my kiddos
3. blue skies and sunshine
4. my favorite well worn pair of jeans
5. browsing etsy

l.o.v.e. your stuff

Jeannine said...

1. Sitting on the back deck on a warm-ish day with a breeze, listening to the trees and birds.

2. A stack of good books on my bedside table.

3. Old movies - nothing better than an afternoon with Turner Classic Movies, preferably something with Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, and/or Jimmy Stewart.

4. Laughing and giggling.

5. Chunky Monkey ice cream.

2DogStudio said...

My husband,family,Dogs & cats
Beach combing in the morning
cafe latte
my bed and blankets; sleeping in
Working on art uninterrupted!

Anonymous said...

1 bras off, pyjamas on!
2 our balmy summer nights here in Western Australia. Stars twinkle and crickets chirp.
3 when the kids laugh with each other (theyre teenagers so you take what you can get!!! hahaha
4 when our dog talks to us
5 feeling so creative I can feel butterflies

thanks - sue

VirginiaWestfield said...

Okay, there are a lot of things that make me happy. Here are 5 food related things that make me happy. In no particular order.

1. English tea and scone with clotted cream (like from Tea and Sympathy in NYC)
2. Peach and blueberry pie with ice cream (from Eileen Blake's Pies and Otherwise Martha's Vineyard, MA)
3. Chips and most especially the salsa (from Windward Farms in Venice, CA)
4. Hot, fresh Krispy Kreme donut (from anywhere)
5. Prociutto and cheese (from Salumeria Rosi in NYC)

Also, your art makes me happy.

team15fifteen said...

1. how my husband looks with a beard.
2. the belly laugh og my son
3. the insightful and caring person my daughter has become.
4. the ducks that come when we call them.
5. being in a natural green space.

Karine said...

I am happy:

1. waking up early in the morning and watching a few minutes my sweet love quietly asleep before getting up.

2. taking the landrover and go for an unexpected safari and sleep in the roof tent. We can hear all the animals at night. Magic.

3. Watching Muffin, my pigmye African hedgehog. She just cracks me up.

4. Painting.

5. The right light, the right instant, the right settings: a goog photograph

swampgirl said...

1. Spooning with my husband
2. Making dark roast in my french press
3. Texting with my 10-year-old niece
4. Swimming naked in Long Island Sound
5. Painting in my studio

Anonymous said...

1. I love hanging out before dinner with my husband and a glass of wine. We didn't do this when our kids were home.
2. I love talking to my kids. Now that they are adults we have the most interesting conversations.
3. I love reading my kids' blogs. They both have one, and they are both great writers (and thinkers.)
4. I love being retired. This is the seventh month and I have so many things I want to learn, I can barely keep up with myself.
5. I love having time to read great books. I keep finding more and more I want to read. My Amazon wish list is over five pages long, and I have shelves of unread books in my bedroom.

claire-elizabeth said...

1. being able to hear the sounds of birds from my bedroom in the morning
2. hugs from matthew (my partner)
3. spending time just looking at art in a gallery/museum
4. swimming in the morning, it just clears my head fantastically!
5. catching up with friends (ideally over coffee and cake <3 )

kittyanydots said...

1. hugs and snuggles with my sweetie, mr kittyanydots
2. purrs from my kitties chouli and molly
3. compliments/feedback/comments about my art and designs
4. being part of etsy for animals
5. taking photographs on sunny days

SparklePaw said...

Great post, Michelle!

I love:
1. A rainy day in San Diego - doesn't come along that often, and it's so refreshing!
2. A care package from anyone! ("brown paper packages tied up with string...")
3. When I have creative inspiration that turns into something I truly like!
4. Genuine laughter.
5. When an animal trusts you enough to eat from your hand.

PilarB said...

1.My husband
2.Listening to my cat's barely audible snore.
3.Weekend breakfasts with friends.
4.Art(of any kind) that captivates and transforms me, even for a moment.
5. Reading the old letters and journals of long ago family members.

Art Kitten said...

1. I love it when my bunny snuggles me and grooms me.

2. I love taking walks in the woods back home in the spring, morel hunting.

3. When Maya comes into my bed in the middle of the night, snuggles me and caresses my ears (its her thing)

4. My husband's laugh

5. When I have finished a painting, and think it is so good that I can't stop staring at it.

Thanks, Michele for the give away again!

melodie said...

I love love

...The view of the mountains from my deck with a cup of coffee in my hand

...eating good Mexican with my man

...sleeping in and cuddling with my girls on a rainy Saturday morning

...picnics at the park

...playing guitar and singing with my friends

Enormous Plumes of Smoke said...

1. Quiet mornings sitting on the back porch with a cup of coffee.
2. The warm, soft smell of my daughter's cheek when I wake her up.
3. A really good book I just cannot put down.
4. A day when I don't need to be anywhere.
5. An unexpected call from a friend I have not heard from in a long time.

shannon newby said...

Hmmm- this is difficult with only 5. But I'll try:

1) hugs
2) chats over a cup of coffee
3) cuddle time with my husband
4) reading a good book outside laying in the grass
5) hand written mail from friends or family

Thanks for this opportunity Michele. You rock ;)

shannon newby said...

Hmmm- this is difficult with only 5. But I'll try:

1) hugs
2) chats over a cup of coffee
3) cuddle time with my husband
4) reading a good book outside laying in the grass
5) hand written mail from friends or family

Thanks for this opportunity Michele. You rock ;)

Sweetland Retreat said...

1. My hubby (aka Bee)- he takes such great care of me
2. My Schnoodle doggy, Sammy (aka Baby Bear) he looks like a muppet and act like one, too. I love that!
3. Maine! I love where I live and I'm so happy to have moved here. It's beautiful all year round!
4. Painting! I love painting- it keeps me sane as possible :)
5. Listening to really great music. Seeing a musician perform live is the best.


Cherry Runway said...

1) Looking at all the incredible blogs of these talented, successful people and time will come.

2) Sitting in Borders, getting inspired and drinking a frozen mint cocoa trio. Mmm...

3) Going on a self adventure; picking a new town, reading a book in the park, trying a new resturant and relishing that you can do that with just yourself, a little money, and the company of strangers.

4) Conversation. Really great conversation.

5) Those work days where your so wrapped up in tea and creating, that they just blow by, and you bask in the excitment of how much you actually accomplished without really trying.

Sigh...this was really fun. And really really good for me to do. Thank you so much.

JG said...

1. A nice, big, strong hug; nothing makes you feel more special and loved.

2. a hot cup of coffee while sitting on the porch in the early morning.

3. Reading a good book.

4. Having a good disucssion with someone either you care about or someone new you've just met.

5. Making someone smile - wheither it's from a 'hello' or a gift.

Bumble Belly Designs said...

I love...

1. My daughters silly songs when she's playing and thinks no one is around.

2. Taking walks with my kids and watching them discover the world.

3. My son's incredible creativity when constructing things - with lego or natural objects and scraps from my studio.

4. The joy in my husbands eyes as he watches the kids.

5. The collaborative spirit that my husband and I share in our artistic lives and in our family life.

I'm a lucky girl - thanks for this time to reflect.

Tam Cronin said...

This is so nice!

1. Waking up and hearing my son singing to himself in his bed. Brightens my morning every time.
2. Fresh laundry.
3. Catching up with a friend over a cup of tea.
4. Quiet time in my studio
5. The first glimpse of daffodils and crocuses peaking through the ground. (Not too much longer!)