Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hello Tuesday!

So...Mike is gone until Friday. I'm on my own until then.
It's going well so far, just keeping busy. Chloe is still a little confused. She came in this morning from our walk and started looking for him. Checking in all his hiding places :) Cute!

My guest blog post is up on IndieFixx right now!
It's a pretty personal blog post. I didn't really realize it until just now...
Sometimes I really struggle with blog posts, especially when I am guest blogging.
I try to just be myself, but so much of myself is personal. So much of my work is personal, that I don't really know how to express that in words without really putting myself out there.
I've never been a fan of small talk. If I want to get to know you, or if you want me to read about you, you better give me something that I can really relate to. Give me something that makes me want to look at your work in a different way...

On the other hand, maybe people don't really care about why I paint what I paint. Maybe it's too personal for them. They don't really want to know about me, or my dog, or why I feel the way I do. On the other hand, do I really want people to know this about me?

It's really difficult. This line between what's okay and what's not okay.
I don't think that this is something that I will ever know the answer to, and maybe that's okay. I don't know.

Oh well! Maybe I'm just over thinking things, as usual. :D
Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday! 4 more days until the Spring Fling. God I hope I'm ready!


TotusMel said...

Oh, I so understand the am I over sharing? Does anyone even care? dilemma. Doesn't stop me really, but I'm really just talking to hear myself speak.

nan lawson said...

love the shots of your workspace! the color palette you are working with right now is beautiful.

justagirl said...

I have the need to look at people's feet too, sometimes I'm even compelled to ask people what size they take! Then I get really embarrassed at what I have just done.

I enjoyed reading the post on indiefixx.

I see in one of the photos that you were using a paper towel to wipe your brush on, I think it is a brilliant idea!!! so simple.

kristin said...

hi! i just read your guest post and i say, great job! i too find it hard to share the personal stuff cause i think "nobody cares", but i know that i tend to like something a little more when i know a little more of what's behind it. still, it's hard to expose yourself through your work AND with words.

hmmmmm.....there are burgervilles in portland, i wonder if they would inspire any art?

Rowena said...

I just found your blog and I went to go read the Indie Fixx post, and I think it's great.

Thank you for sharing that. Not everyone would.

laurabucci said...

I loved your post over at Indiefixx. I was pretty comfortable with what you were sharing and to tell you the truth I wish I could open up like that at my blog. I'm afraid I've got quite the boring blog because I'm holding back a lot. It's just too weird too be so open yet I enjoy reading your blog. Go figure.

kat said...

I struggle with blogging myself, what is too personal and what isn't, what's interesting to read about? I guess it's a balance, however, I think you are doing great since you have a lot of people visiting your blog and personally I enjoy it! By the way I love that Burt's Bees scrub! though I see there is something else in it, I am reusing the container too ;)

amy said...

Love seeing your work area it's nice and light and cheery! I started doing things in the garage with crappy lighting but at least there's space. I will have to go read your other post. :)

Tri and Justin said...

It was lovely reading your guest blog post. :)

Liz² said...

wow, yes, it's so hard to judge how much is enough to make the work flavourful and how much is just... NO. (*remove foot from face*)

That said... I like your writing. I'm always giving my inanimate objects stories and personalities, too! I don't think what you talked about was too personal in the slightest, either, more heartfelt and relatable than anything... loneliness makes the best art sometimes. ;)

Michele Maule said...

Thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone. i love them.

That is a paper towel roll and it works beautifully for cleaning brushes!

That is a Burt's Bees jar! I love that face scrub too. I reuse the jars to hold vegetable oil to clean my brushes :)

Janice La Verne said...

I only want to read things that feel real, like the real world: art and otherwise. That's why I like your blog. I would use the word genuine.

I think we are all unique, yet share really similar challenges as artists and humans and hearing how others deal with those, well, it helps me.

The great, funny, honest blogs I have read this year have inspired me and helped me feel less alone.

Right now I wonder if soon I'll get laid off my job. Because you made an Etsy shop it wouldn't seem so daunting to me if I decided to try!

So, yes, it's great to be yourself. I appreciate your words.


coffee maker reviews said...

i like your blog, especially the article its feel real

Melanie said...

Your post on IndidFixx was really sweet. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and what inspires you.

Hope you get to go home soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, I read your indie blog and loved your photo to painting pictures... they were very inspirational, so thank you. Sometimes I get stuck even before starting because I get to caught up in a theme or expectation, so taking your inspiration to just paint what surrounds you feels very freeing. Thanks again and keep it up :)