Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Getting Settled

So, I've started to get pretty settled in this week.

I'm still working on getting lighting for my studio, and I've also got to get some more supplies. I'm planning on doing some 2x2' and 2x4' pieces. I'd really love to make some larger works. I'm really over working on small paintings...

I'm not going to stop working sm
aller, but it's definitely time for me to get some larger work done. I'm also hoping to get some shows around Portland soon! Busy, busy, busy.

Right now I'm in this st
age of getting things figured out. Figuring out a good studio schedule, figuring out what to work on next, and figuring out how I'm going to pay for everything :)

I think the h
ardest thing for me right now is trying to figure out what I'm going to work on next...I've got a lot of ideas and right now I'm just trying to work them out in my head and on paper.

I've been doing some illustr
ations for my shop the last few days, but, I would really like to move into a different direction. That's going to be my challenge for the next few weeks.
Hope everyone is h
aving a good week so far! :D


justagirl said...

must feel good to be settled in and making again... when you say larger works I am wondering for you how large is large?

Looking forward to seeing your new ideas...

Kelly said...

I just wanted to say I really enjoy your art. I love what you do. It's cool to find other female artists in Portland.

Michele Maule said...

I'm thinking 2 feet by 2 feet as being larger, Katherine :) Maybe even 2x4 feet! We'll see...

Hey Kelly!
Thank you so much :) I agree, I love finding other female artists in Portland!

Jeanne Selep said...

Creativity needs to be exercised - perhaps make a goal of trying one new concept a day, even if it is only for a sketch. It might unleash some creative energy! Good Luck and I hope to see the results!.

mary at found said...

love your style - mixing old and new is what I like the most. That old typewriter speaks to me.