Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Tuesday!

I just got home from the studio. I rode my bike home today. Whew!! That's a ride...

Being in my studio is gre
at, and I'm really enjoying it.
I will
admit that having my own studio space is taking a little getting use to.

It's kind
a like having, or making a new friend.
It t
akes awhile to figure it out. What works, what doesn't work.
There is definitely
a period of figuring it out. But, I still like it.

So I remembered my c
amera today and was able to get some pictures of my little space.

Hope everyone is h
aving a good Tuesday!


Amanda Conley said...

I love seeing studio pics! Great space!

Abby Creek Art said...

Looks like your new studio is taking shape! Congrats on having a great new environment to work in!:)

Tara said...

That looks like an amazing space! I have been meaning to organize my "studio" space for a while now, it looks so freeing!

justagirl said...

wow looks like a great place to get creative in... and it is all yours!!!

Kelly said...

That looks like a great space. Congratulations.

Janice La Verne said...

there is something so inspiring about looking at where artists work. thanks for sharing the photos! i think it's a great space and much deserved.

pedalpower said...

thanks for taking pics...I love it! I'm setting up a little studio for myself at work. Hopefully, I'll have some pics soon.

Gallery32 said...

Looks like you have settled in nicely. It's nice having a creative space of your own :)

amy said...

I love your studio space and hearing about your travels to it. It sounds great!

Alex. said...

I recently got my studio space sorted. Doesn't it make a difference?!

Mine is only the back little room in our house, but I love it. And I finally got it in a clean enough state to post some pics on my blog too!!

I sometimes think about having a space like yours though with lots of other artists. It sounds like fun, and has to be pretty motivating too, if you can see what everyone else it up to.

Hope you have fun :)