Monday, June 8, 2009



So I got to spend my day in my studio this afternoon. I love it. So much!
It's so gre
at to be able to make a big mess on the floor and not have to worry about cleaning it up anytime soon. I love the quirkyness of it too. It's right next to the railroad tracks in the industrial area on SE Portland. So there are a lot of noises going on. There are of course the big trains that go by, but there is also a rooster somewhere in the building and you can hear it call out every so often.

I c
an ride my bike there too, which is wonderful. It's not the shortest ride, about 20 minutes, but it's the route is through some very beautiful neighborhoods, and it's pretty much all downhill. The ride home is a different story...but that's ok.

So I've been getting b
ack to making work, and it feels really great!

Things h
ave been going really well life wise, business wise has been a little bleak. My sales have seemed to halt since moving here. I've gotten a couple of sales, but it's not what it use to be...
I'm hoping th
at it's just a summer slump, and that it will pick up quickly. I've purchased a couple of ads too. I bought an ad on Facebook on Sunday, and I got 40 clicks through to my Etsy, but no sales. I also traded for some ad space on IndieFixx, and that seems to get some clicks too, and a couple of sales. i also just bought an small ad space on LillyElla blog. That goes live in July, so hopefully that will help out a bit too. We shall see...

If you've got
any good suggestions, or advice on advertising, please feel free to leave a comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts and experience!


Anonymous said...

Your new studio location sounds neat and it's nice to cycle to work! I think poppytalk blog would definitely get you a lot of click throughs. I belong to the TransCanada Etsy team, we have an ad on poppytalk and the stats show that its worth it. It's a bit expensive though but perhaps in the end it pays off.

tangled sky studio said...

the new work looks great michele and your studio sounds awesome! i'm afraid etsy sales are REALLY slow all around....maybe you could paint a magic wanda or perhaps a wee bit of fairy dust is needed?

ps: does portland have an open studio thing coming up soon?


Christopher And Tia said...

*sigh* Reading your blog makes me so homesick. You're so lucky. I can't wait to see what wonderful things you create while in your new studio space.

jenni said...

Hey stranger! I was in Youngblood Gallery and Boutique in Atlanta doing a Thursday PM show and saw your work there! I was like, "I have a custom piece by this artist!" Glad you arrived home safe and sound. Look forward to new works. Love the studio.

Michele Maule said...

That's a great idea Laura! I'll contact them about possibly running an ad.

Maybe I should paint a magic fairy wand Beth...Portland does have an open studios, but I think the deadline to apply has already passed. Next year for sure though!

Hey Jenni!
I'm glad you got to see more of my work in person! :) How cool!

Leililaloo said...

hi, I had low sales for some weeks, but since I bought a table at Poppytalk this month my shop sales went up again. Maybe it's just a coincidence.... you can never know for sure. But I will deffinitly buy more Poppy-tables this year....See you did it at Poppytalk as well this month. Did it pay off for you so far?

And thank you for sharing the other sites where you bought adds with us. i will consider some of those as well.