Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's hot.
It was hot yesterday, it's hot today, and it's suppose to be hot tomorrow.

I'm not a fan of hot.

I didn't go to the studio today, because the bike ride home is brutal in this heat.
I have 3 large hills that I have to ride up, and frankly, I just didn't have it in me today.

So I stayed home, worked on some aceos, baked some zucchini bread, and waited for the UPS person.

I did manage to get the bread made before it got too hot! :)

So that was my day.


Kelly said...

Hey, that sounds like my day, including waiting for the UPS person!

amanda said...

heat sucks, so its a good thing you took the day for yourself. in chicago, i think were having the best summer ever in the entire world. it's like a warm fall but not too warm and im lovin it. everyone else hates it and wants the heat. ill tell them to go where you live. :)

Felix and Jayne said...

it's been super hot here too. my workroom is outfitted with a very tiny/crappy window unit. i can hardly stand to be out there in the afternoon! i think you made the right decision!

tangled sky studio said...

hi michele,
we hit the road friday (route 66 here we come!) but wanted to take a minute to say how in love i am with you "older" piece "alternate modes of transportation"...it is GORGEOUS!

Stay cool,

claire-elizabeth said...

I'm midly envious of the hot! we have had lots of rain here, which is odd for july. The bread looks yummy!

Anairam said...

That sounds like a good day, all in all! I envy you the heat a little, on our half of the globe it is cold and miserable today. But yes, extreme heat can be draining, I get that ... PS I liked your earlier post about Happy vs Money. I gave up my full-time job three years ago, started freelancing, and my income was more than quartered, BUT I love how my life has become so different and how happiness is found in the little things. I don't have to buy stuff to make me feel good anymore, I rather get inspiration from looking at stuff and sometimes make my own versions of what I see. It is a different and altogether happier lifestyle.

Michele Maule said...

Thanks for all the comments! It is suppose to be a little cooler today. yay!

Good luck on your trip Beth!! I hope you take lots of pictures and I hope you have safe travels! :D

jessicajane said...

yum, i love zuchinni bread. my grandma always made it the best...ill have to get her recipe sometime.

i am not a fan of hot either. i would rather take cold than hot weather.

Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

I'm an everyday bicyclist, too, so I feel you with the heat -- DC's had a remarkably mild summer comparatively, but it's usually brutal and I wait as long as possible before heading home so as not to have it be too warm.

I am absolutely in LOVE with those tiny typewriters on your ATCs. I can't believe you were able to paint that tiny!