Monday, July 20, 2009


So Thursday night I got to meet Maria Thomas, CEO of Etsy, as well as some other Etsy admins and peeps.

It was pretty cool, and great to meet some fellow Etsy peeps!
They also provided all the alcohol for the evening!

I was going to post this on Friday, but either I had the worlds worst hangover, or I caught some sort of stomach bug...I was very sick.

But I'm much better now. :D

Other than being sick, I had a great weekend. I got tons of yard work done, and started some special orders. it was very productive.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


justagirl said...

wow that would have been fun!!! glad you are feeling better :)

Kelly said...

OOps, I was going to attend that. I got the date wrong. Glad to hear it was good.

Flores Hayes said...
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Comfortably Lovely said...

wow. that shit would never happen in the D. fun.