Thursday, July 16, 2009

Taking This In

This mornings bike ride was filled with a lot of thought about being happy.

I c
ame to the realization that although I don't have a lot of money, and although I don't make a lot of money, I am still very happy. I have a pretty great life. I'm doing what I really love to do. I have wonderful friends, and a wonderful boyfriend. I have a very full life.

I'm he
althy, and just about everyone I care about is healthy.

I live in
a fantastic city, and I am surrounded by inspiration. Life is good.

It's h
ard to focus on these things sometimes, but I think by doing it a little each day, it can make a huge difference.

a beautiful day in the Rose City! I hope you're having a lovely day too :)


Art Kitten said...


Awesome post, Michele, a great reminder that money isn't everything and to appreciate the good things. Yay, now I am happy!

ElegantSnobbery said...

What a great post :) Money definitely isn't everything.

Currently I live in a podunk West Texas town that me and my hubby hate living in... but we have a 'Portland or Bust' fund that we are saving for. Such an amazing city! I can't wait until we can move there.

Tri and Justin said...

Yay for loving life!

simply me said...

Ah such a wise thing to realize! The Dali Lama was asked once why rich people seemed unhappy, and his response (put simply) was that they have more to worry about! Thank you for verbalizing such a fundamental truth... and you DO live in a cool city!

Angie said...

Life is good :)

I'm not 'rich' either, each month towards the end, I'll wonder if I'll have rent, ect and what has to be cut in order to make it lol.

But great friends, wonderful boyfriend and getting to paint all day every day...Heaven.

Anonymous said...

yep, I hear ya "I am still very happy. I have a pretty great life. I'm doing what I really love to do."

Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Michele...what a sweet, happy photo!

Gotta say...loved the photos in your last post of Chloe! Oh my god...they made me laugh!

Megan Chapman said...

What a wonderful and inspiring post.
I know what you mean.
It is so great to stop and put into words these thoughts on the good days.

ching said...

thanks for sharing..michele, that's sweet.

I will reminding myself on this too. :)

thank you.

Comfortably Lovely said...

stop being so happy and cheery! It's not fair to do it so far away :)

Rowena said...

you are so right. it helps so much to focus on what you do have instead of what you don't have.

I'm finding it really hard right now, but I know it works when you can do it.

o'reilly ink said...

Someday I hope to feel that way too. True happiness can be very hard to find. Glad you have yours! :)

justagirl said...

Congrats on your exhibition!!! it looks wonderful and it sounds like it was a huge success.

Great post, it is good to think of these things every so often, puts life into perspective.

stacy di said...

hurrah! what a fantastic, lovely, wonderful positive post.

it's easy sometimes to lose sight of all that we have...