Monday, August 31, 2009

Keeping Up


It's been too long since I posted a new blog. I had a feeling that once I moved back to Portland it would be harder for me to keep up. I was right. I'm going to try to be better about it though. There was just too little to do in Pontiac, and so much to do here! It' been hard to balance everything.

I've had to get a job while being back too. Things are a little more expensive here, and honestly, my sales this summer haven't been great. So, I picked up a couple of shifts at Utrecht, the art supply store. It's been pretty fun, but unfortunately I will be leaving. I managed to get my old job back at New Seasons, a local grocery store. However, this time will be a little better :) I will only be working part time, and hopefully enough part time to still get the benefits. If you work something like 26 hours a week you can still get full benefits. Which is pretty awesome. If I don't end up working enough hours to receive benefits that's fine too. The company pays pretty well, and there are a number of perks too. Plus I get to work with some great peeps.

There are a lot of changes going on in my life right now, but I feel like they are good changes.


tangled sky studio said...

hi michele,
change is in the air these days! it sounds like you have a good plan in the works and hopefully as things start to pick up saleswise you'll still find enough time to paint lots! has anyone recognized you in the art store???


Michele Maule said...

Thanks Beth! one has recognized me ;) hehe!

forrestina vintage said...

that's great about your 'new-old' job at new seasons! I can't do retail anymore (health issue prohibits standing long periods) but really need to find something part time that will work with my school schedule. I start at PSU in the fall, woohoo! :)